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File: PerfectRaid02-26-07
its understanding when and why this...
Posted By: Charkus
its understanding when and why this problem happens, and if I should be able to reproduce it correctly. I noticed the same problem this weekend. I entered a 2vs2 arena, the bars were working correctly. After getting our butts kicked I left the arena and the bars 'stuck'. No health updates were showing anymore or buffs. Inced...
File: Cartographer12-13-06
Is there anyway to display herbalis...
Posted By: Charkus
Is there anyway to display herbalism and mining nodes on the map, the way gatherer did? Great addon, as usual Ckknight :)
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames08-22-06
You just have to drag the Player fr...
Posted By: Charkus
You just have to drag the Player frame to the right, because the 3D portrait is out of the edge of your screen as you enable it... I've got troubles with that... tried deleting any other addon and such, until I just found this out Ahh, that works! Now I feel daft, hehe :) Thanks for the help :D
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames08-21-06
Posted By: Charkus
Great addon. I do have one small problem, not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to turn on the portraits (either 2d or 3d, don't mind which) but they never show. Do I need another addon for this or am I doing something stupid? :)