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File: Perl Classic Unit Frames08-23-06
LOL, how stupid could I be?! :) Jus...
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LOL, how stupid could I be?! :) Just thought I uploaded it in some way - but no. Well... I'll try that out :) Picture - again
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames08-22-06
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Hi again... I've seen several screenshots of people who've changed the look of their Perl Classic frames... I have an example from a movie with Onyxia :) Picture How can I I.E. make my frames blueish?
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames08-21-06
Re: Wonderful
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Originally posted by Charkus Great addon. I do have one small problem, not sure what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to turn on the portraits (either 2d or 3d, don't mind which) but they never show. Do I need another addon for this or am I doing something stupid? :) You just have to drag the Player frame to the right, becau...