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File: GSE: GearScore Replacement12-14-10
Hi I tried it yesterday Everyth...
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Hi I tried it yesterday Everything was fine in city, but unfortunately, GSE produced major lags while in combat. I add to disable it to be able to play smoothly.
File: oUF_mono10-22-10
scale options (in cfg) seems broken...
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scale options (in cfg) seems broken for every thing now
File: oUF_Nivaya10-17-10
hi: after trying a lot of layouts,...
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hi: after trying a lot of layouts, i think i find The One^^ thanks for your work, it's really efficient. I just miss a small option, if you could add this: a simple different color (or texture) for uninterruptable cast on the target castbar. thx anyway!
File: oUF_mono10-16-10
Hi, nice ouf layout, thx! just a...
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Hi, nice ouf layout, thx! just a small tiny bug: if the target-scale is altered in the cfg lua, the fake panel doesn't reflect the scale change (fhp:SetScale(f.scale) is missing in the lib.lua)
File: oUF_Hank10-15-10
Originally posted by hankthetank...
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Originally posted by hankthetank This has been posted in the Useful custom mods article in the FAQs thank you, and sorry my noobish attitude ^^ Btw there is a mistake in the faq: it says: oUF.Tags"] = function(unit) when it should be: oUF.Tags = function(unit) otherwise that works, thx again.
File: oUF_Hank10-14-10
Very nice layout, Thx for making it...
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Very nice layout, Thx for making it Just a small suggestion: I just miss a little thing: class color for ToT and ToTT
File: QuesterJester10-18-08
thx for this addon, very nice idea:...
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thx for this addon, very nice idea: could you add a frFR language capability in the default code? here is the translated function: items.CheckInteresting = function(self, bag, slot) local link = self.cache if link then local name, _, _, _, _, _, subType, _, _, texture = GetItemInfo(link) if subType == "Qu\195\170te...
File: TankPoints12-15-06
hi whitetooth, (its tixu @ curse)...
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hi whitetooth, (its tixu @ curse) there you can find the full frFR translation (remember to not uncomment "true" string, hehe ;) ) note: i have translated the label with a single "-", otherwise the full string is sometime too long on the paperdoll frame, and eat the number. local L = AceLibrary("AceLocale-2.2"):new("TankPo...
File: TankPoints12-11-06
french strings
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Hi whitetooth, thanks for that rewrite :) here are some strings for french translation if ( GetLocale() == "frFR" ) then -- Additional tables that need to be localized TP_ItemScan = { = { {"Augmente la valeur de blocage de votre bouclier de (%d+)"}, {"+(%d+) Valeur de blocage"}, {"+(%d+) \195\160 la valeur d...
File: Elkano's BuffBars11-19-06
hi thank you for that great mod...
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hi thank you for that great mod :) anyway, i m using the firsts TBC version (v 17411, found on ace site), and it doesnt seems to work. the mod is correctly loaded, but buff aren't showing up. i ve tried to disable every mod but elkbuffframe, it doesnt work neither.
File: ag_UnitFrames10-18-06
pretty nice upgrade thx! it works...
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pretty nice upgrade thx! it works fine anyway, do you think its possible to add that brand new enemycastingbar on the target frame? edit; i just got a little problem: when a pet is in the party, the pet frame stay in group frame even after his master has left.