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File: FuBar - QuestsFu01-27-07
I'd like to second the request for...
Posted By: AppleBag
I'd like to second the request for some sort of screen message with optional sound when a quest is complete.
File: FuBar - QuestsFu01-27-07
I get this error every time I click...
Posted By: AppleBag
I get this error every time I click a quest in the list? SCREENSHOT
File: PocketHelper12-09-06
Distract button
Posted By: AppleBag
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Add a button attached to the main button to Distract. I use distract every single time I pick pocket, and alot of time that I dont. It would be so much easier to click two buttons right next to each other in the middle of the screen than to scroll to the bars below and then back to the middle each time. I'v...
File: FuBar - LocationFu11-28-06
Only 1 tiny request
Posted By: AppleBag
Love this mod, Can you add the coords to the World Map on the bottom bar as well? then I can get rid of the extra mod I use just for that and free up some mem! :) i.e. Cursor: 30,31 Location: 60,54 thanks!
File: FuBar 3.6.511-22-06
How to change font in fubar2?
Posted By: AppleBag
Hi, can someone tell me how to change the font used on Fubar 2? Thanks!
File: FuBar 3.6.509-09-06
Please please please please please!...
Posted By: AppleBag
Please please please please please! Add an option to fubar to let me adjust a delay before the tooltip pops up when hovering the cursor over a fubar addon. When I have a panel on the bottom under my UI buttons, and I'm in BG's, (I'm a rogue so I'm frantically clicking constantly) I can't count how many times I go to click a butto...
File: FuBar - PerformanceFu09-05-06
One small complaint, when I have th...
Posted By: AppleBag
One small complaint, when I have the option selected to show me when garbage collection is going to occur, it spams me constantly, with "garbage collection in 9.4 minutes, "" in 2 minutes, "" in 45 seconds, etc. It's not uncommon for me to have an entire chat window full of GC collection notices. I like being alerted to when it's...
File: FuBar - HonorFu08-28-06
I just installed the latest version...
Posted By: AppleBag
I just installed the latest version, and now when it's activated, if I mouseover it I get an error message saying something about Tablet __Show and a nil value. After that error message appears the first time, I get it every time I mouse over GuildFu and FriendsFu as well, and can no longer see the popup lists from those 2 addons...
File: FuBar - HonorFu08-23-06
Please update this addon
Posted By: AppleBag
I too am getting the error each time I pvp. I'd prefer an author update over one suggested by a user (just a weird quirk of mine, no offence to the poster). Another small issue I noticed even before yesterdays patch was the deaths count on the fubar. IT usually showed the correct number of hk's i did in green, but in red, if I for...
File: FuBar - GuildFu08-23-06
Error when not in a guild
Posted By: AppleBag
Just mentioning that when I am not in a guild, for example when I make a brand new toon, and then mouse over the GuildFu icon, I get an error. Presumably because the addon wants to enumerate the member info but there is none. I'm wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this or if it's just on my end. It seems like such an ob...