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File: X-Perl UnitFrames09-13-07
Adding tanks
Posted By: Numbah Two
I have looked carefully over the config menu - and I can't find a way to add non-warrior tanks to the display. Is there a way to do this? Great mod! I have recommended it to everyone in my guild. Keep it up!
File: PerfectRaid01-03-07
Posted By: Numbah Two
Pardon my noobishness - PR doesn't seem to show debuffs I can dispel with DM and AD. What am I missing? Is it as easy as adding 'Dispel Magic' and 'Abolish Disease' as items in the buffs/debuffs menu?
File: PerfectRaid12-07-06
Thanks for the quick replies!
Posted By: Numbah Two
And like so many others I am looking Forward to 2.0. I have tried Grid - it just doesn't compare. #
File: Clique12-07-06
C Block (?) overflow error
Posted By: Numbah Two
When casting raid/party buffs such as Prayer of Fort or Spirit, I get a 10 second freeze of the game, the a C Block overflow error (I think 'block' is the correct word; its the next day and I am at work). The spell works as it should, but the delay is annoying. Still a great mod! #
File: Clique12-05-06
Button function not recognized
Posted By: Numbah Two
Two things - 1) I have a PPC Mac - when a filename has a dash in it the file is not recognized by OSX and so clique does not load when WoW is loaded. 2) Only the left button is recognized by Clique when trying to cast a spell. When editing the button setting, Clique sees the right/middle/4/5 buttons, but using any of those butto...
File: PerfectRaid10-11-06
Is there any way to remove certain...
Posted By: Numbah Two
Is there any way to remove certain classes from the raid list? Restricted screen real estate, you understand; and I dont heal rogues anyway lol.