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File: ItemRack 2.16 (Old version don't download)06-04-07
Whats happening
Posted By: Zanoroy
I'm not sure whats going on with updates and fixes :mad: , I've started using Outfitter its still in development and works well. :)
File: FuBar - OutfitterFu05-27-07
Re: Incompatibility with Cartographer
Posted By: Zanoroy
Originally posted by Forlium After loading outfitter and outfitter_fu, I found that the cartographer feature which shows on the mini-map vendors and nodes (herb/mine) no longer operates. Extensive experimentation showed that in fact outfitter is at fault. Cartographer still shows nodes and vendors on its main map. If you give...
File: Outfitter05-27-07
Outfitter Updated
Posted By: Zanoroy
I have fixe Outfitter to work in 2.10. Also have added some new features. :)
File: Outfitter04-18-07
Re: New druid form request
Posted By: Zanoroy
I've added the flight form myself to outfitter. I beleive that the person that created this addon is no longer playing and therefore will not be updating it. Message me if u still want it and I'll send u what I have. Originally posted by EvilCrew I would like to request the addition of the druid form of flight to the list of...