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File: InspectEquip10-17-08
will there be an 3.0 update of this...
Posted By: Listra
will there be an 3.0 update of this fine addon?
File: LightHeaded04-21-07
Thank you for anopther great add-on...
Posted By: Listra
Thank you for anopther great add-on! One dumb-ass question... How do I make the quest-log open in 2-pages - like yours in the screenshot?
File: DruidManaBar03-06-07
Good work!!!
Posted By: Listra
You can already see the manabar in aquaform (and travelform) - so why do you need the DruidManaBar then? I haven't testet this fine addon yet, even so I have a request for you - down the line. When you are finished with the funktionality, could you add the same skinnings as ocb (http://fuxsake.net/) ? Best regards, Listra
File: AllPlayed02-10-07
It's fxed now - thank you!
Posted By: Listra
It's fxed now - thank you!
File: AllPlayed02-09-07
stopped showing chars
Posted By: Listra
Since last update, allplayed only shows the time played, not the chars as it used to. Great add-on btw!!
File: PhanxChat01-17-07
"If you use many Ace2 addons, you c...
Posted By: Listra
"If you use many Ace2 addons, you can significantly speed up the loading process by using standalone libraries and removing the embedded ones. Since I can't find a good guide on doing that, I'll write one up later." Please make such a guide for me and other imbeciles ;)
File: Clique12-05-06
Re: Re: error
Posted By: Listra
Originally posted by Cladhaire It only works with the expansion, as the note at the top states. "This file/addon will work with the World of Warcraft "Before the Storm" 2.0 patch." You better change your note then...