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File: TidyPlates: Simple01-21-11
Posted By: Nikto
Awesome layout. :) I've been looking for something similar to Warhammer Online's "on damage display" nameplates, and this is the best I've found. I'd like to add a semi translucent background to the health bar so I know just how empty the bar is. Guess I'll go muck about in your code and try to figure it out (tips on how to do...
File: KeyBind11-16-10
Awesome add on. :) Here's a few...
Posted By: Nikto
Awesome add on. :) Here's a few suggested future features if you're interested: - Drag and drop spells onto the keyboard instead of through the menu. (obviously the menu would still be needed for UI binds and such.) - Ability to bind mouse buttons and number pad.
File: dNamePlates11-05-10
How do i change short format text to normal, full length?
Posted By: Nikto
I know this question was answered a page or so back but I was unable to find where to edit the number to change the name length. Did the code change since then, is this still possible to do, or am I just dumb? Thanks and thanks for the awesome addon.
File: Red Alert11-24-07
Thank you! Saved me from having to...
Posted By: Nikto
Thank you! Saved me from having to learn how to code. :)