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File: BagSync09-30-15
Not Showing in Vendors
Posted By: imcerise
My tooltip doesn't show when I'm at a vendor what is in my bags, banks and mailbox :( ...please fix. This really helps if I'm trying to buy something that might already be waiting for me elsewhere on my char.
File: BagSync11-27-14
Multiple Settings
Posted By: imcerise
When at the bank on any char, it shows that I have items in "bank" as well as "reagent bank." Example, linen cloth (bank = 3, reagent bank = 13). There are no linen cloth in my bank bags or main bank but 13 are in my reagent bank tab. When I remove the 13 from reagent bank, it shows linen cloth (bank = 3, bags = 13).
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-04-12
Bump on the "Can't Dismiss Pets"
Posted By: imcerise
Unable to dismiss pet and I'm unable to call my second pet with the first one active.
File: LUI v309-09-12
Top Bar Help
Posted By: imcerise
I love the UI but I only have one problem - I can't see the text at the top. I run in 1680 x 1050 and I can only see the very bottom of the text on the upper bar. I've tried the UI scale button but nothing has worked. Please help, thank you!
File: FuBar - QuestsFu12-17-06
I have been receiving the error "mu...
Posted By: imcerise
I have been receiving the error "must define a title" and these are the FuBar add-ons I use: FuHonor FuLocation FuPerformance FuMoney FuDurability FuReagent FuVolume FuClock FuBag FuMinimap FuFriends FuGuild FuFactions FuKungFu My UI is basic and I don't use any particular compilation but I really love this FuBar a...