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File: SmartBuff12-06-07
Small Typo
Posted By: Schlecki
Hi, i found a small typo in the german translation for priests... It must be SMARTBUFF_DS = "G\195\182ttlicher Wille"; not SMARTBUFF_DS = "G\195\182ttlicher Willen"; ;) Anyway, great addon - can't live without it :) Edit: upsa, already posted ;) Just read before post...
File: FuBar - GarbageFu09-12-06
Hi, I would like to see the abil...
Posted By: Schlecki
Hi, I would like to see the ability on GarbageFu to save the Droplists per character. If I play my mage, i like to drop all non-conjured food and water (or sell it at vendor), but as rogue, priest or hunter i dont drop them...