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File: Gem Quota05-24-07
Here's a profile where it doesn't w...
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Here's a profile where it doesn't work with. It just spits out errors, http://armory.worldofwarcraft.com/#character-sheet.xml?r=Drenden&n=Jesse and here's the error : GemCount\GemCount.lua:209: table index is nil GemCount\GemCount.lua:303: in function `ScanGem' GemCount\GemCount.lua:349: in function `ScanItems' GemCount\G...
File: Scrolling Combat Text11-28-06
"Active Skills" on the main config...
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"Active Skills" on the main config tab should do it if you have the talent.
File: Scrolling Combat Text11-23-06
Custom Events
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Is there a way of making a custom even fire only when in BGs? I am looking for some sort of conditional statement to add telling SCT when it can fire the custom event or not.