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File: FuBar - QuestsFu04-06-08
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UPDATE 3: I hacked around on this all day and have a working Comments.lua to fix the LightHeaded issue, at least until the real author, Kemayo, who actually knows what he's doing, has time to fix this....snip... Hey WOW! Thanks a lot for doing this - I'm excited and going to go try this out now...
File: LightHeaded04-06-08
QuestFu & Lightheaded
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Originally posted by Cladhaire I don't use FuBar, so I can't be of much help. I don't understand why pressing "L" is so difficult =/. Alternatively, you should contact the author and get them to fix their stuff. Um - QuestFu does a lot more than replace "L" - it provides a pop-up interface that allows faster scan of existing...
File: Lexan07-01-07
Lexan Stopped Working
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Yeah. I got the "block trades" issue as well and Lexan no longer kept windows open for me since the recent patch. I uninstalled it :(