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File: LevelUpGrats09-09-09
Originally posted by lastmarine F...
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Originally posted by lastmarine First of all...i love this addon, but i have a few questions.. 1-Will this ever get updated? 2-If this does get upgraded, could you as in a feature to change the sound that is made.....i realy want to hear the final fanty VII end battle souns...da dada da da dadada....lol I stopped playing Wo...
File: TomTom02-14-09
Re: Re: This seems odd...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire 1.) TomTom does not work in the Death Knight starting area at the moment. Good to know it wasn't just me. I could not get TomTom to work at all there and it was bothering me fiercely. Did get this error first time using TomTom on my DK in Outland, near Honor Hold (I'm using the r193 version):...
File: NinjaPanel02-12-09
Originally posted by vpr Would it...
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Originally posted by vpr Would it be possible to implement a "center" as that's the most important area for my needs. I'll second this, being able to put objects in the center of the bar would be outstanding. Great mod, thanks for making it Cladhaire.
File: Super Duper Macro01-28-09
Error at login with 1.6.1
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After installing 1.6.1 I get the following error at login and my SDM macros no longer work. Unfortunately reverting to 1.6 doesn't help, same error occurs: Date: 2009-01-28 08:54:16 ID: -2 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\SuperDuperMacro\SuperDuperMacro.lua line 155: attempt to concatenate field 'server...
File: LevelUpGrats01-21-09
Originally posted by alphaomega16...
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Originally posted by alphaomega16 Didnt get any message when I leveled ? Do you have to turn it on or configure it somehow ? Or do you have to type /lug every time u level No, there is nothing to configure and it should be automatic. Typing /lug is just to test, so you can see what it looks like. It works for me, are you...
File: HighRoller04-01-08
It actually works on Macs too, at l...
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It actually works on Macs too, at least it does for me. Check it out, it's a must have!
File: TomTom01-11-08
Getting the following error at logi...
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Getting the following error at login. The error shows in Swatter's error output but does not actually appear onscreen unless I bring Swatter up. I cleared all errors, downloaded the current version r69 and logged in again to double check it. TomTom still appears to work OK, but here's the error: Date: 2008-01-11 16:55:43 ID: 1 E...
File: Detached MiniMap Buttons12-17-07
Code for CTMod
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Hi borohir, Can you post the code for modifying CTMod so its button will work in the mod description above, if you know it? I believe it just means naming the button in CTMod, which for some reason they didn't do. I fixed it once before, but since upgrading CTMod I've lost the changes and can't find the code again. Thanks!
File: LightHeaded05-19-07
Update please with latest Wowhead i...
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Update please with latest Wowhead info?
File: Bandager05-06-07
Can't update bandage
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My chat is continually getting spammed with the message "Can't update bandage. In Combat" whenever I'm in combat. Is there any way to turn that off? I'd prefer to keep the other chat messages for slash commands, I just want to get rid of that one. Thanks for all your work on this mod. :)
File: Bandager04-25-07
Saiiyna, thanks for all your work o...
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Saiiyna, thanks for all your work on this mod, and for implementing my feature requests I made at WorldOfWar.net. Sorry to see you won't be updating there, but I understand. I think they added an auto virus scan for uploads with ClamAV now. Anyway, glad I can still get this mod here. It has been a valuable addition to my UI and ga...
File: LightHeaded04-20-07
Where might I find the patch notes...
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Where might I find the patch notes for new versions, if they exist? Thanks again for this mod, an outstanding timesaver.
File: LightHeaded04-18-07
This mod is truly one of the better...
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This mod is truly one of the better ones I've ever installed. No longer do I have to check Thottbot or Wowhead for quest info! So great to get comments, coordinates and good quest info right on my screen! Thanks, this mod rocks! :D
File: LevelUpGrats03-21-07
Originally posted by natranr i he...
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Originally posted by natranr i heard that some one said that this was illegel, but he must have thguht about another mod, becous i don't see how it can be illegal. It is not illegal, and there's no reason it should be. The only mods that are illegal are ones which allow cross-faction communication. The Blizzard devs have sta...
File: LevelUpGrats03-15-07
Originally posted by sid67 I find...
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Originally posted by sid67 I find the idea of this mod pretty funny actually. It's all about self congratulations. Me: Great job, me! Me: Why thank you, me. I really appreciate that you noticed. Me: Well, after all that hard work, how could I not notice. You're amazing. Me: Thanks again, me. You're amazing too. Ye...
File: moveFrames03-14-07
Special bag frames
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Hi, will this handle special bags when used in bank slots, like Satchel of Cenarius (24-slot herb bag)? I have been using MoveAnything so far, but it will not work with those frames, and also appears to be mostly abandoned as a mod. Thanks for updating this, I'd like to check it out.
File: PlayerNotes03-09-07
This would be great...
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What I'd love to have is a version of this that enlarges the player note field substantially, perhaps makes it a small window, so you can see several sentences of notes at once. In CT's version you can only see 21-22 characters of the note field at a time without using the arrow keys to scroll through it. Major hassle if you want to...
File: FlightMap02-06-07
Re: Re: Light's Hope Chapel in Ghostlands
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Originally posted by Florack Have you tried flying to LHC and talking to the gryphon master there; it may reset itself. Indeed it did. I thought I had tried that already, but your suggestion worked. Thanks! I'm a noob. :o
File: FlightMap02-06-07
Light's Hope Chapel in Ghostlands
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Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands is actually shown on the flight map as being in Ghostlands for me. This occurred right after installing the Burning Crusade. It shows no flight path at all in EPL. Here is a screenie of it: LHC in Ghostlands
File: Bandager01-24-07
The download currently available he...
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The download currently available here will still not use Netherweave Bandages. To fix this so it does, lines 415-418 of Bandager.lua need to be changed to: if( Bandager_BANDAGE_INFO.OnHand > 0 ) then return Bandager_BANDAGE.HeavyNetherweave; elseif( Bandager_BANDAGE_INFO.OnHand > 0 ) then return Bandager_BANDAGE.Netherweave;...
File: XPBarNone01-23-07
Thanks for the mod, I've been looki...
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Thanks for the mod, I've been looking for something like this. I would also like the text to be customizable, but for now I'd be happy with a way to remove the "XX% through level X" text from the bar. I already have my level info on my unit frame and that text takes up a great deal of space on the bar. I'd like the XP bar to fit u...
File: Outfitter01-18-07
Re: Re: Re: This is not the newest stable version..
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Originally posted by Qukel I hope you write them for people like me :) This mod is one of the best I use. It works, it's easy to use and it does what it promises. Ditto on that. I had constant problems with the Titan Rider plugin not switching my Carrot on a Stick out properfly after dismount. Since switching to Outfitter and d...
File: BibMod Movable Frames and Bags01-17-07
Screen adjust
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Kestrel, have you tried the option in Titan Panel to "Disable screen adjust"? That option moves things like the minimap and I think the bags to be out of Titan's way for the bars. Worth a shot anyway.
File: BibMod Movable Frames and Bags01-14-07
BibToolbars folder?
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Cowboy, thanks for updating this mod to work for at least the bags and windows. Is it necessary to have the BibToolbars folder included as well? I see it is in the archive for this download, but I thought it only controlled the action bars, so it shouldn't be necessary for the hack you've made as far as I know.
File: FuBar 3.6.509-13-06
Originally posted by Soulbreaker...
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Originally posted by Soulbreaker you should just release a package of "must have" plugins and have them 100% working with the newest release so it becomes a simple delete old folder install new one and you're good to go, kind of deal. Then it's up the the 3rd party plugin makers to keep up but at least you have a working "core"...