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File: LunarSphere08-23-11
@ Moongaze
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Is thre ever going to be an update here or elsewhere? It would be polite to at least let people know...
File: Possessions for 4.210-26-10
Thanks for the update :banana: I'M...
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Thanks for the update :banana: I'M going to test it right away on the German client. HAve a nice day ;)
File: Possessions for 4.210-20-10
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Thanks for updating, Kewi :D Thanks for the LDB support, Coani :D Greetings from Germany ;) :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
File: ItemRack04-07-10
ItemRack Bugfix
Posted By: Thors Liebling
For your information, in case you don't want to search, read, or scroll: ItemRack Bugfix :banana: Thanks avngr and Dridzt :banana:
File: PlayerScore / GearScore04-07-10
Reply to Mirrikat45 & Goodk4t / Feedback
Posted By: Thors Liebling
I use GearGauge http://www.wowace.com/addons/geargauge/ GearGauge provides 2 numbers - one is the average of the overall rating including enchants, gems, ... and one is the average item of only the items worn. Torhal explains this a lot better than me: "GearGauge assigns values to equipped items for an overall rating based upon the...
File: Useful Extras04-06-10
THANK YOU ! ! ! :-D
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Thanks for updating! :banana:
File: LunarSphere04-02-10
I used the LunarSphere version 1.04...
Posted By: Thors Liebling
I used the LunarSphere version 1.04 until yesterday, because everything was running smooth and I never update when I don't have to (never change a running system ;) ) After I had tried anything I could think of, I finally deleted all my SavedVariables files, not only the on in the SavedVariables folder in WTF, but also the ones in t...
File: LunarSphere04-02-10
LS broken now (German Client)
Posted By: Thors Liebling
What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. Log in with a char having LunarSphere activated 2. 3. What is the expected output? What do you see instead? LunaSphere and the rest of the UI shown as usual and being able to play. When logging in, at first I see a small frame in the window saying "- Moongaze". Then there is a great la...
File: AlphaMap08-27-09
AlphaMap is NOT broken
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Sorry, Telic, for the wrong bug report :o I just found the problem after checking my own notes about the addon changes I made: it is Fubar_WintergrasperFu which can be found here: http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/fubar_wintergrasperfu/ I will send iceeagle a private message, because he does not have comments or tickets enabled. Wi...
File: AlphaMap08-27-09
Thanks, Telic, for your quick reply...
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Thanks, Telic, for your quick reply although you are busy with rl things. Yes I meant the battlefield minimap. It is sort of flickering between showing the current zone and the Northrend/Outlands/Kalimdor/Eastern Kingdoms map. Here two examples for the big map: I am flying in the zone Zul'Drak and want to see where the entrance is...
File: AlphaMap08-27-09
Last version broken
Posted By: Thors Liebling
AlphaMap seems to be broken now. * Showing the small map always for the current zone is not possible. * It is not possible to show instance maps, they also don't show by themselves anymore when entering an instance. I know you don't have any spare time at the moment, just wanted to let you know in case ;)
File: Ackis Recipe List08-12-09
Originally posted by cgrille Today...
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Originally posted by cgrille Today I've updated ARL about the Wowinterface tool 'Minion'. After this Antivir gave me an alert about a suspicious file in this addon (HEUR/HTML.Malware in ARL-Engineer.lua). The version of curse do not show this Problem (6th August 3.2.0) Read this for more information: http://www.wowace.com/addons/a...
File: tomQuest208-10-09
@ Alekc
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Originally posted by Alekc How I can lock the trackets posiotions ? And hide the anchors? First you have to show the anchors, then move the frame to the place you want them to be. Then you can hide the anchors again.
File: Accomplishment08-09-09
Update not workin on German Client
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Accomplishment does not work at all. It is supposed to be loaded, but nothing happens when somebody standing right next to me accomplishes an achievement. Also I am not able to open a configuration window or whatever by entering /accomplishment or /accomplish or whatever in the chat window. FYI I use the German client. :( Greetings,...
File: Honor Counter08-09-09
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Is this going to be updated?
File: Useful Extras08-05-09
Mailbox Feature
Posted By: Thors Liebling
I just noticed I haven't said THANK YOU yet for the mailbox feature ;) You made me soooo happy, now that I have my little red crosses back again in my mailbox :banana:
File: Athene's Gear Check: Recount plugin07-08-09
Originally posted by Fonjask But t...
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Originally posted by Fonjask But that's probably due to the low amount of downloads :P. EDIT: Bugs on main addon's page ... hmmmm I was just wondering how many people download your addons. WOW you really are a very busy addon author with sooooooooooo many downloads XD Please stop posting in such an aggressive way. At least Athen...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window07-04-09
German Client: Same Bug with Inscription
Posted By: Thors Liebling
I am having the same problem with Inscription as the others wrote before. The last update was in April, so is there going to be a bug fix soon? Greetings from Germany, ThorsLiebling (aka Freydis88)
File: AutoGratzer06-19-09
Feature Request
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Nice little mod :) Could you add the following features? 1.) 2 or 3 random messages instead of just only one. 2.) Greeting to the guild when coming online, sort off like your Overlord message, and also 2 or 3 random messages. 3.) When really being AFK, it does seem weird, when a char still congratulates guildies. Yesterday one gu...
File: ItemRackTitles06-02-09
Still working???
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Does this old version still work, when loading outdated addons/mods? :confused:
File: Talent Planner06-02-09
Second spec supported?
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Does this work with the two talent specs, that are now possible?
File: UberQuest06-02-09
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Thank you for the efforts you put into this addon. It is sad, that you are going to give it up though. Aren't you playing WoW anymore or are you just fed up of doing all the work for nothing. Please let us know. :confused: Anyways, thanks a lot and please encourage that "other person" to keep on updating this mod, which I really lov...
File: UberQuest04-15-09
Thanks for the information. I will...
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Thanks for the information. I will try to get mine to work as usual :banana:
File: Grindstone03-14-09
Feature request
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Is it possible to add gems, which can be grinded from ore?
File: Fizzwidget Gemologist03-14-09
Searching for alternative/update
Posted By: Thors Liebling
Is anybody going to take over this addon? Or is there some alternative addon around?