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File: Supervillain UI12-11-10
Still awesome.
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File: Roth UI (Diablo)11-29-10
Originally posted by zork @fear...
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Originally posted by zork @fear I put so much work into the party frames that it never came into my mind throwing it away. ;) I may add that to 4.006 if some more want that too. Currently no. And don't get me wrong, the party frames are fantastic, but your raid frames are good enough for me. :)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)11-28-10
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this UI is awesome. Thanks for your commitment. One request: I've not found it anywhere in the the LUA, how do I disable the party frames and use your raid frames for both 5 and 10/25 man? Thanks again!
File: HL2WoW (1920x1080)11-23-10
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Same issues here. Nothing mentioned other than disabling PB or KgPanels works. Looks great in the screenshots, but I can't use it until fixed. Also, configure relflux if you can.
File: DerpyUI (alpha)11-20-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: wow
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Originally posted by AlleyKat type /hts an unlock chat font there is no stance bar Awesome, thanks.
File: DerpyUI (alpha)11-18-10
Re: Re: wow
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Originally posted by AlleyKat where The chat font, sorry. Also, where's the Stance Bar? :)
File: Shadowmage's UI 1920x1080 (Wide)11-17-10
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settings aren't working. When I use it the UI looks bad...too lazy to go into the multitude of presets for everything. Looks good though. I like the Unit Frames.
File: DerpyUI (alpha)11-17-10
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this UI is too small to be so amazing! Incredible work, thanks. One thing though, the font size changes every time I zone.
File: Ram's UI11-10-10
Looks good, but can we get a 5-10 m...
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Looks good, but can we get a 5-10 man group screenshot? I'm guessing the 5 man looks like the blizzard standard + your skin.
File: lumUI11-05-10
Re: Re: Clique/
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Originally posted by neverg It's oUF not Grid. :) On the particular addon please next time refer to the page of the addon, namely oUF_lumen. That is a Blizzard bug that is affecting some Unit Frames using that code, check here for more info: So until Blizzard fixes...
File: lumUI11-04-10
Clique/"Grid" Issue
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I played heals today and I only use Clique to heal, so I didn't catch this initially; but clicking on the "grid" layout doesn't work very often. I'd say, 10-20% of the clicks work. Clicking the player and then using Clique to perform any number of bound actions works just fine on the large target frames.
File: lumUI11-04-10
Re: Re: Well,
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Originally posted by neverg You do normal keybindings like in the Blizzard interface. :) That's something done so few times that I don't see the need for an addon for that. :) True, it's just figuring out which bar is which that your own /hb binding would bypass. But I love the UI, thanks. I tentatively joined a raid and w...
File: lumUI11-03-10
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I like it. :) Only thing I could ask for is keybindings. Thanks
File: SithiaUI 1920x1080 v2.3 patch 4.2 fixed10-20-10
That's what I like to see, amiable...
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That's what I like to see, amiable dialogue. :) Nice UI. Thanks for the work. Keep it up.
File: Supervillain UI08-29-10
Originally posted by Munglunch Wh...
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Originally posted by Munglunch Whoa what a trip! I'm back guys! ...sorry for the MASSIVE leave of absence but I had some IRL issues to attend to. I will read through the missed posts over the next few days and get an update happenin' as soon as i can! sweet, wb.
File: Supervillain UI07-27-10
Originally posted by Munglunch up...
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Originally posted by Munglunch update incoming. --UF positioning is now saved per character. --Removed Adibags (some of you will panic but it's gonna be okay) --Party/Raid bugs fixed (color table issues) --Chat frames are "down" by default now. Awesome. :) Couple suggestions: Keeping the font size selection (increase/de...
File: REalNxtexX EuroCard Healer - by Danien - EU-Malfurion07-14-10
Not a bad UI, but with reflux there...
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Not a bad UI, but with reflux there shouldn't be the need for so many adjustments. It took 10-15 mins of fine tuning to make it look like yours and I'm using the same resolution. Also, there's this lua error which pops up often with the default loadout. Message: Interface\AddOns\GridMending\Core.lua:180: attempt to index gl...
File: Supervillain UI07-10-10
Originally posted by Munglunch Ch...
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Originally posted by Munglunch Chat sizing added.... Very nice! Thanks
File: Supervillain UI07-08-10
Re: cant see groups
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Originally posted by lostmtnbiker when i group cant see there health and mana That happened to me too...I got screamed at for pulling when someone was dead. :) I did a /rl and it "fixed" the issue. Munglunch, anyway to widen the chat window?...
File: Supervillain UI07-07-10
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Dude, I've used this UI off and on and every time I come back to it, I wonder why I ever left it. It's a superb piece of work. Arguably more original than anything else I've ever used, in 12 years of MMO play. Keep up the good work! Honestly, this UI makes me want to play another game. Something as exciting. :)
File: LUI v307-07-10
Why can't I ALT+CLICK on the unit f...
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Why can't I ALT+CLICK on the unit frames? I have CLIQUE mapped to both the left and right mouse buttons, but have no issues ALT+CLICKING with other oUF UIs. Is ALT+CLICK disabled in the LUA somewhere? Still a great UI...still needs a skinner for the windows (character, talent, guild, etc.) so they can match the rest of the UI.
File: Supervillain UI06-17-10
Dude, started this UI makes playing...
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Dude, started this UI makes playing WoW even more entertaining. Thanks. I apologize if I missed seeing this answer: How do I adjust the onscreen-combat font size? Thanks again!
File: LUI v306-17-10
Great UI and the improvements are s...
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Great UI and the improvements are stellar...getting tighter and tighter. Bravo. One thing, imho, you need a "skinner" mod for the additional windows (character, spellbook, talents, etc.) so there's a better match to your HUD view. I almost don't want to open them because they clash with the UI look. :) Also, the people on yo...
File: LUI v306-06-10
nice work, but...
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I would say add something like skinner to address the other UI windows. Aesthetically, it bothers me to have a wonderful UI "cheapened" by 'ugly' default Blizzard frame art. Otherwise, *very* good work. Thanks
File: RealUI04-28-10
Originally posted by Flarin Can't...
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Originally posted by Flarin Can't say this enough - your UI is awesome and your support for it rivals that of some software vendors I work with. Seriously - if you are not in the software support field you should be - you are always patient even when people like me ask silly questions. Cheers to you mate. I want to echo t...