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File: FCgr09-01-08
Any progress?
Posted By: Stahlfaust
Hi, is there any work ongoing? Will we see new versions in the future? Thank you.
File: SciolistMap (Minimap addon)08-30-08
Error when Unignoring GatherMiniNoteUpdateFrame
Posted By: Stahlfaust
Thank you for this nice AddOn. I have only 2 issues, i would like to report here: 1. The Gather MiniButton is not moved into the extra Button Pane, it stays above my 200x200 Sized Minimap. 2. The following Error pops up when i try to unignore the GatherMiniNoteUpdateFrame: Date: 2008-08-31 00:47:43 ID: 103 Error occured in:...
File: Auc-Util-BigPicture Beta08-15-08
Posted By: Stahlfaust
Can you pleas add the Guarranteed Gain? This would be the amount of Money, the Player will receive, when all auctions which someone already have placed a bid on, would run out. Thank you.
File: Coconuts08-08-08
Error in locals
Posted By: Stahlfaust
First of all; thank you for providing this fast a fix for non english locals. :) But i think, there are some errors in the localisation files. if( L ) then = "Reiten", = "Tempel von Ahn'Qiraj", end--if does not work. But if i replace it with if( L ) then L = "Reiten"; L = "Tempel von Ahn'Qiraj"; end...
File: Coconuts08-06-08
It does not work on a German Client
Posted By: Stahlfaust
Hi. I love the idea of your AddOn, but it does not detect any of my Mounts. I tried to fix this by adding them as Favorites, but it doesnt matter. MiniPets, another AddOn which uses similar tech. i think, is working fine at the same time.
File: FCgr07-27-08
4.0 really seems to fix the NIL Err...
Posted By: Stahlfaust
4.0 really seems to fix the NIL Error. Well done Mmoose. Thank you so much! :)
File: FCgr07-16-08
I dont know since when, but FCgr do...
Posted By: Stahlfaust
I dont know since when, but FCgr does not anymore detect any Level changes .
File: FCgr07-15-08
Re: New Version 2.0
Posted By: Stahlfaust
Thank you for starting to implement the changes so fast. I've already sent you the updated german translation. BTW: When an AddOn is as easy to use and works as flawlessly as this one, you should not expect to much feedback. I'm an "AddOn Junkie" and i've learned in the last two years with WoW AddOn's, that less Feedback often me...
File: FCgr07-12-08
Thank you
Posted By: Stahlfaust
Just want to thank you for this AddOn. It works wonderfull. Some Ideas for future versions, if planned ;) - Ignore Characters with a specific text within the officer notes. The text should be configurable and the AddOn should look anywhere within the text, not just the beginning or so. - Assign special Ranks (Ranks with Level...
File: GuildBook11-10-06
Stormwinds Stolz will test it too
Posted By: Stahlfaust
Our Guild (http://www.stormwinds-stolz.de ) will test it too. We like the concept and hope that sync. will work reliable asap. Thank you for all your hard work. :)