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File: StatBlock_XP07-30-08
Not catching XP from quest completion
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I didn't see an official thread over on Wowace, so I'm leaving this here. :p I've recently been levelling up another character and noticed that StatBlock_XP isn't catching xp gained from quest turnins. Registering for QUEST_COMPLETE seems to resolve the issue.
File: Geist07-15-08
Originally posted by Samasnier I'...
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Originally posted by Samasnier I've been getting the "interface action failed because of an addon" message, so I turned on taint logging and discovered Geist is causing taint. Here's a link to my taint log: http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dghhvtqx_26ffxr5cgc I'm also getting tainting in combat from the Hide function. Same erro...