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File: StunWatch07-20-08
At present, the mod doesn't seem to...
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At present, the mod doesn't seem to be properly adjusting for: 1. Duration based on rank. Using Rank 1 Sap causes it to estimate 45s instead of 25. 2. Duration based on talents. Gouge is always the same length, regardless of talents. Overall, the mod is exactly what I want, but I can't get the timers quite right without manually...
File: eCastingBar07-20-08
Re: Re: Tradeskill SNAFU
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Originally posted by NeuroMedivh Unfortunately, I cannot seem to replicate the tradeskill bug with either First Aid, Cooking, or Jewelcrafting. I'll try and play around with this and see if I can't get it fixed, but as it's just a cosmetic fix, it's not really high priority =) Understood. Thanks for looking into it.
File: eCastingBar07-13-08
Tradeskill SNAFU
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First, I would like to thank NM for continuing to poke around the forums here. Even a simple addon takes a fair amount of work, especially if you take time to reply to posts. Second, I have also noticed the issue with tradeskill "casts". Upon completion, the bar turns red and replaces the normal casting text with "failed". Overall...
File: Bongos201-12-07
I am having a similar issue. I manu...
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I am having a similar issue. I manually re-enabled the "CTRL" self-cast option that Blizzard removed, and I have bars one and two stacked (with bar 1 on top), and set to page with a seperation of "1" (this causes both bars to flip through "pages" of 24 buttons per "page"). Page 1 (on top) is bound to "alt+(1-0,-,=)" and Page 2 (on bo...
File: OneBag309-04-06
Tip Buddy Error
Posted By: Endar45
Although my previous version of OneBag 2.0 did not have this error (2.0.6026), the most recent download (2.0.9615) causes an error with Tip Buddy. The error occurs just after I open the OneBag Menu as soon as I hover the mouse over any of the menu items. The exact text of the error message follows: Interface/AddOns/TipBuddy/TipBud...