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File: Pyrite Counter05-29-09
Can you add an option to track oth...
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Can you add an option to track other demolishers? TIA.
File: ForteXorcist04-16-09
Seems there is some tainting going...
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Seems there is some tainting going on (from taint.log): 4/16 14:07:01.250 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from Forte_Core - ClearOverrideBindings() 4/16 14:07:01.250 Interface\AddOns\Forte_Core\Forte_Core.lua:2936 v() 4/16 14:07:01.250 Interface\AddOns\Forte_Core\Forte_Core.lua:1028
File: Auditor10-09-08
Re: Re: Faction-specific information?
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Originally posted by Alarisha However, I am working on a new version of Auditor at the moment I've just noted this comment - is it possible to add a cut-off feature to the next build? What I mean is, come WOTLK, I'd like to have an opportunity to do a cut-off and clearly see gold I earned/spent before and after WOTLK. TIA :)
File: InTheBuff10-07-08
patch 3.0.2
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Quick question: will it work correctly after patch 3.0.2?
File: Auditor01-03-08
Migration from 2.x
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Heya there, first off - thanks for creating and maintaining one of the best addons around :) One question - I'm still on 2.x version. How can I migrate my data to 3.x without losing anything?
File: PerfectRaid01-02-07
Originally posted by ein =/ quite...
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Originally posted by ein =/ quite dissapointed :( i thot it will have all the pre 2.0 settings :( cant move to 1 row, cant change texture, etc etc QQ People like ein should be shot.... L2read and think !! @Cladhaire Works fine so far, only tested in AV though. Had one problem, when tried to reposition the frame: it has...