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File: Dominos07-23-16
extra button artwork
Posted By: txamethyst
any way to make it go away? or have i missed something somewhere? thanks for all the work you do ;)
File: Prat 3.007-23-16
edit box polish
Posted By: txamethyst
coloring border by chat channel keeps resetting to black bar i tried to use the link for ticketing system but it only goes to a page that says forbidden thanks in advance
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills07-23-16
Hope this gets updated. Best tra...
Posted By: txamethyst
Hope this gets updated. Best tradeskill addon around and nothing else comes close. Agreed! I've slogged through probably a half dozen tradeskills AddOns in the last few days since patch, nothing comes close to this one. Fingers crossed for an update to Legion! I second this, please update. ;)
File: Altoholic07-19-16
Re: 7.0 Release
Posted By: txamethyst
Hey guys, Release for 7.0 has been pushed and awaiting admin approval. Thaoky Hi ;) Thanks for all the work you do. I have 22 characters on two linked servers and without Altoholic I would be so very lost. ;) I would dearly love one thing though: A way to not show a count on items everyone has - like hearthstones. With...
File: Livestock11-25-14
Acherus Deathcharger has been removed???
Posted By: txamethyst
I randomly get this error while playing either of my DK, one is level 75, the other 90.
File: Chinchilla Minimap11-22-14
map moves?
Posted By: txamethyst
every time i log in/out or switch to a different character i have to move the map back into position. it doesn't move from the bottom center position but does move up just enough to cover 1/2 of the bars i have positioned above it. if it helps or matters i'm using nui with the built in mini-map disabled. thanks
File: Livestock11-17-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: smart mount not working on some toons
Posted By: txamethyst
I did get an odd message while in Orgrimmar yesterday. When I got close to Khatgar on one of my toons and tried mounting, I got the message "you cannot use ground mounts in this zone". Moving a few feet away that message no longer appeared. Probably to keep people from piling onto him and blocking access. I would wish for more NPC...
File: Sick Of Clicking Dailies10-17-14
any hope for this one for 6.02 and...
Posted By: txamethyst
any hope for this one for 6.02 and beyond?
File: SmartBuff10-17-14
Thank you.. and from me - i miss...
Posted By: txamethyst
Thank you.. and from me - i missed this one so very much ;)
File: Broker_Everything10-15-14
toy box error?
Posted By: txamethyst
broker everything disabled, can click on any toy to use. broker everything enabled gives this error: 1x AddOn 'Broker_Everything' tried to call the protected function 'UseToy()'. !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:586: in function : in function `UseToy' ...eBlizzard_PetJournal\Blizzard_PetJournal-1.0....
File: tullaRange08-09-14
I don't think there's any reason yo...
Posted By: txamethyst
I don't think there's any reason you can't just update the TOC and have it work in WoD. I'll be working on an update and switching stuff over to the new C.Timer API. thank you for responding, i figured that was all that was necessary and was surprised to find it didn't work with the toc change.
File: tullaRange08-08-14
WOD beta version?
Posted By: txamethyst
since the tiny red numbers in the corner are too small for me - well, it never hurts to ask. i don't see logically why this mod shouldn't work with just the toc change. i absolutely admit i know not a lot about lua, just enough to make minor changes if i know exactly where to look. thanks in advance for any help from anyone.
File: Addon Control Panel (WoD Beta)07-30-14
since blizz added "addons" to their...
Posted By: txamethyst
since blizz added "addons" to their own menu and when this is loaded i have two buttons that have the same text - perhaps the button could be renamed - maybe to ACP? if not - well, its only a suggestion. ;)
File: AutoBar09-16-13
i would like to know how to remove...
Posted By: txamethyst
i would like to know how to remove the "blessed medallion of karabor" from the quest item button. thanks in advance ;)
File: Mute Annoying WoW Sounds09-14-13
Request: Azure Water Strider (m...
Posted By: txamethyst
Request: Azure Water Strider (mount)
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION06-12-13
Quest Module error
Posted By: txamethyst
Version: 5.3.0 Alpha 1 Revision 1 Quest Font Size slider does not increase font size, but does increase spacing between lines, much like the Quest Font Spacing slider.
File: Carbonite BETA VERSION03-06-13
Posted By: txamethyst
it seems counter-intuitive to have a specific fonts page, but then have font selection also on the info and quest modules. despite this, i can not seem to change the font on the quest log to something that i can read nor can i change the font on the quest tracker unless i change the actual scale. perhaps i'm missing something...
File: AutoBar12-03-12
darkmoon adventurer guide is back o...
Posted By: txamethyst
darkmoon adventurer guide is back on the quest button as it was pre 5.04.09
File: Pet Battle HUD11-16-12
incorrect reporting
Posted By: txamethyst
upon logging in hovering above sindragosa's fall - hoping to find the elusive scourged whelpling (that i can see multiples of while on a taxi) mod reported the following: PBHUD: You have all the capturable pets from Icecrown. unfortunately at that time i still had not captured this last elusive pet. perhaps it was broadcasting...
File: Pet Theory11-07-12
i'd like to have not collected alwa...
Posted By: txamethyst
i'd like to have not collected always on - how/where can i make this happen? thank you ;)
File: AutoBar10-17-12
Re: Re: New Experiment, a Poll!
Posted By: txamethyst
https://docs.google.com/a/muffinmangames.com/spreadsheet/embeddedform?formkey=dEF0MXY1Z0JzbXM1QUJQdGo1M1JyaUE6MQ You shouldn't need to sign in or anything. Okay, *now* you should be able to access it without needing to sign in or anything. *sigh* whatever poll this is - it's still wanting a sign in this morning ;)
File: AutoBar10-12-12
missing in latest version elixi...
Posted By: txamethyst
missing in latest version elixir of water breathing 5996
File: AutoBar10-08-12
thanks for the update - food seems...
Posted By: txamethyst
thanks for the update - food seems to be working well. no pots/elixirs yet but i have faith in you. :)
File: _NPCScan.Overlay10-08-12
new error with new carbonite: 1...
Posted By: txamethyst
new error with new carbonite: 1x _NPCScan.Overlay-\Modules\Carbonite-5.05.02.lua:66: attempt to index upvalue "CarboniteMap" (a nil value) _NPCScan.Overlay-\Modules\Carbonite-5.05.02.lua:66: in function "?" _NPCScan.Overlay-\Modules\Carbonite-5.05.02.lua:97: in function "OnLoad" _NPCScan.Overlay-\Mo...
File: AutoBar09-29-12
mop food
Posted By: txamethyst
5.04.07 - no potions/food above cata level on bars tracking button is an empty square - i'm guessing thats hunter specific maybe? also this release alliance/horde lances for argent tournament don't show on bar as quest items, previous version did