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File: PhanxChat05-19-08
i'll post the /who output tonight p...
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i'll post the /who output tonight phanx =) Cerwen : Niveau 70 Tauren Druide - Goulet des chanteguerres Krallgath : Niveau 20 Tauren Druide - Orgrimmar
File: PhanxChat05-16-08
frFR v1
Posted By: m0rgoth
i not have game here so I'll do that during my lunch break hope that is good =) : Ps : the /who is not workingf but can't traduce atm --] if GetLocale() == "frFR" then PHANXCHAT_LOCALS = { CHANNEL_GENERAL = "Canal général", CHANNEL_TRADE = "Commerce", CHANNEL_LOCALDEFENSE = "Defense locale", CHANNEL_WORLDDEFE...
File: Combuctor03-31-08
simply own as your others mods =))...
Posted By: m0rgoth
simply own as your others mods =)) great job, just a little suggestion / feature request : add a way to disable instant sorting instant sorting is a real pain for me when i sell lots of trash for example keep up the good work ;)
File: ControlFreak11-10-07
thx one more time
Posted By: m0rgoth
one more favs =)) Suggest : just add a keybind to cast i personnaly not like to click but prefer to bind all my spells. ty & keep up the good work =)
File: MikScrollingBattleText11-05-07
woot, i recently try and adopt parr...
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woot, i recently try and adopt parrot from ckknight (one of my other favorite modder =) ) but looking you're stage 6 new vids make me switch back ;o memory cosumption, cpu usage and new config options clearly rulz really thx for the job and keep up the good work ;o really impress, truly =)) !
File: MikScrollingBattleText12-21-06
thanks !! vampiric spam is evil :x...
Posted By: m0rgoth
thanks !! vampiric spam is evil :x if i could suggest you to introduce a thresold for mana and healing gains (sct option sic) to filter these events. yes witch hunt catch emote and redirect in msbt special areas works really well (i discovered that when i reading this posts so thanks :> ) i could just suggest you, mike to updat...
File: MikScrollingBattleText12-12-06
fireball rk 13
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hi and first thx for your addon you makes me drop sct ;) i get a little problems with suppressions system :x i read all of your explains and i try to make my own supression for a fireball rk 13 dot : 23 (Fireball) i try following suppressions : 1? %(Fireball%) 1? %(Fireball%) with no results :x can someone hel...
File: BigWigs Bossmods09-13-06
c'thun end of combat
Posted By: m0rgoth
Hi and first thanks for this great addon :) I get a little prob on c'thun end of encounter, i have to desactivate boss mod with BW button cause he didn't detect end of fight or release spirit it seams.