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File: Skada Damage Meter02-14-09
Great Work!
Posted By: GeminiStrider
Absolutely loving the way this is shaping up so far. Once all the small things get hammered out, I would love to replace recount with this. Keep up the great work!
File: Gladius01-10-09
Auto Hide/Show
Posted By: GeminiStrider
Thanks for this Mod, I'm currently trying it out as an alternative to Proximo. Is there anyway that I can have Gladius auto hide/show when I leave/enter an Arena match?
File: OmniCC11-28-08
Bug with DKs
Posted By: GeminiStrider
It seems as if OmniCC bugs out with Death Knights. I'm not sure exactly under what conditions this occurs, but it happens quite frequently. When I originally press a button, the correct cooldown appears to start. But at some point it get's changed and it will show the ability as being ready, yet there is still a cooldown remaining...
File: Cooldown Timers08-15-08
Bar Alpha
Posted By: GeminiStrider
Is there a way to change the bar alpha? That would really be nice :)