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File: SpartanUI11-17-10
Re: GKSaint's SpartanUI SKIN(Black)
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Good to see progress Gksaint - thanks for sharing. I know it was one of the main attractions to Spartan UI when I originally found it. I am also a bit spoiled as LUI has themes and I use it too for some of my toons though Spartan UI is ran on more of my toons. Originally posted by Gksaint This is my first attempt to creating a "...
File: SpartanUI11-16-10
Has anyone picked up the "skinning" part of SpartanUI?
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There was originally some discussion about the ability to skin or theme Spartan. Are there still hooks in the code to do so?
File: SpartanUI10-18-10
Echoing what has already been said ...
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Thank-you for taking this on. I have not been looking forward to the eventual replacement over the past 6 months. Tell us what you need and how we can help. Sorry to hear Curse's attitude but it doesn't surprise me, I have set spartan on ignore from their client. I would like to also echo my agreement on having an option to turn...
File: Titan Panel01-14-08
Glad to see such passion again for...
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Glad to see such passion again for this mod, wowace versus whatever, its all good. Just keep it coming - OH please we need persistent sort ascending for the Titan Guild (3.51). I know it is a third party but man, it needs to be persistent!
File: Titan Panel01-11-08
Why not use WowAce for your repository?
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Wowaceupdater has become the standard update tool for wow mods. Considering there will eventually be third-party addons (again), it would make sense to use their site to manage them all. That aside, I am very pleased to see this mod return. I have continued to use it for the past 3 years, well beyond it being abandoned. I just did no...