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File: Mono UI04-11-12
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Hello i by mistake reset the nrunning addon now i cant get it to his orignal place i have tried many things to fix but i cant anchor it back and how i search this forum look like is no option for that ?
File: Mono UI02-08-11
Originally posted by Thunaer Only...
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Originally posted by Thunaer Only have 1 question i couldnt really find it in the files. This UI is the best ive used to far! So awesome job to the person who made it! Only thing i find lacking when your in a party and your a healer its anoying to heal ppl with clique in the party frames. The raid frames are much easyer they are...
File: Mono UI11-24-10
Originally posted by icaro186 Won...
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Originally posted by icaro186 Wonderfull UI, i like it so much. but, i have a question. Where can i find the button to dismount a Mechano-Hog when im a passenger? Thanks for your help. m_actionbars cfg.hide_vehicle_exit_button = false -- exit vehicle button if you use Dominos just unhide it middle mouse mountz macro...
File: Mono UI11-22-10
Originally posted by Xikitu There...
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Originally posted by Xikitu There is a way to have the party frame like raid frame, like the 25 raid frame screenshot? Thanks! http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/fileinfo.php?id=18071&so=&page=10#comments look here
File: Mono UI10-21-10
/salute i cant find code to mov...
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/salute i cant find code to move raid background doh old eyes i dont want disable which i found the code my new raid frames location cfg.pos = {"TOPLEFT", "UIParent", "LEFT", 24, 25 } -- raid frame (group 1-5) position thanks mono great UI :D
File: Mono UI10-19-10
fresh rev 8 install latest cataclys...
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fresh rev 8 install latest cataclysm beta after using /config only action bar #1 will load and the function right click on config menu is not working the rest is working fine so far thanks in advance for great UI :banana:
File: iLive user interface10-15-09
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i have problem with scaling this UI on 1920X1200 which should not look like the panels dont scale down as i see in your picture and your kgpanels lconfig dont have the -/+ to move stuff i use other ui which was 1920X1080 with this monitor no problem scaling down panels size anything that i never done before in Kgpanels look lik...
File: Jasje_UI [1680x1050] Final.06-06-09
great UI thanks any thought of...
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great UI thanks any thought of upgrading to pitbull4?
File: MeltFace07-07-07
i just need help on how move map re...
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i just need help on how move map resizing to 1920x1200 widescreen thanks
File: ShardAce01-16-07
request anyway possible to cast fas...
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request anyway possible to cast fast pet on right click when need regular cast on left click ?? and anyway can change frame color greatr work i love this mod :)