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File: HotCandy07-06-07
Posted By: Knifed
awesome mod, fits right in with what i already have, but u may want to have a height adjustment or scaling options or something. right now they're just really short bars that look funny with such a large height in comparison ^^" And possibly even an alpha option, cus i have them right in the midle of my screen so i don't miss i...
File: NugStackBar07-03-07
excellent updates ^^ may i ask w...
Posted By: Knifed
excellent updates ^^ may i ask why not make the showcombat option for this addon as well though?
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames07-03-07
buff timers on party buffs
Posted By: Knifed
is it possible to have the buff timers showing on the party buffs?... so i don't have to target each party member to check the timer left on the forts or arcane intellects etc etc.
File: Bongos206-14-07
shift selfcast :(
Posted By: Knifed
I'm sorry if you've mentioned anywhere whether shift/ctrl selfcast is coming back or not, but I really want shift selfcast >.< is it possible to get it back like it was back in original bongos 1? edit: just found an addon that works with bongos. JF_selfcast works for shift casting.
File: NugStackBar06-09-07
scorch and winter's chill
Posted By: Knifed
so what happens if I specced in both imp scorch AND winter's chill? will i get two bars?, cus i didn't learn both so i don't know... I'm just wondering what happens if i did... edit: and is there any chance to make this addon (and NCB) a click through addon? means if i click and drag on this addon, i can still turn the camera....
File: NugStackBar06-08-07
priest and mage bugged
Posted By: Knifed
Hi i have a rogue warrior priest and mage.. the priest isn't specced for the debuff but the mage is (imp scorch)... the rogue and warrior have no problems, mage and priest both have loading problems.. on lines 30 and 29 respectively. both have the same problem: compare value with nil. english client.
File: Bongos206-06-07
shift self cast?
Posted By: Knifed
Hi i know i asked before but i didn't get a reply... is there any chance for shift self cast coming back? i'm just so used to using shift instead of alt and alt f4 scares me... thx man
File: Suki's Minimap Coords v1.1406-05-07
I've removed my itemrack and.... ri...
Posted By: Knifed
I've removed my itemrack and.... right click menus are still bugging up after a short period of time... i guess i'm forced to disable this addon for now... :(
File: kEnergy06-04-07
Posted By: Knifed
the bar needs to have a border or outline so you can see where the end of the tick is... i used bar fill instead of bar drain and i can't see where the end of the tick is so i can't really tell precisely when the tick is coming... or at least have a right edge outline so u can see where the end of the bar is...
File: Decursive05-29-07
Decursive RC1
Posted By: Knifed
umm, are we supposed to put the Ace2 folder into the addon directory as well?, cus there didn't use to be such a folder upon extracting the file. It used to be just Decursive....
File: Bongos205-28-07
shift selfcast?
Posted By: Knifed
is shift selfcast coming back? eventually? i'm a bit phobic about alt selfcast cus of alt f4... and besides i'm used to shift selfcast...
File: Bongos205-25-07
mine seems fine..
Posted By: Knifed
please update your Autobar as the old versions would conflict with bongos2 my bongos seems to be working as intended... i don't have any problems with my rogue. no stealth or in combat bar changing problems at all. of course, i don't use the paging features so i duno if that's working properly.
File: Bongos205-24-07
shift self cast?
Posted By: Knifed
any possibility for a shift hot key instead of alt for self casting?... thx
File: Bongos201-09-07
My profiles don't work either. D...
Posted By: Knifed
My profiles don't work either. Do we need to delete all previous WTF saved variables and all saved character saved variables? your instructions only said to delete previous bongos folders so i assumed that meant the addons folder bongos folders and not the saved variables. I can't even load profiles RIGHT AFTER i save them....
File: CandyDice10-14-06
I have a problem with global cooldo...
Posted By: Knifed
I have a problem with global cooldowns. When i use my wand (as a mage), all the skills have a global cd of 1.5 seconds or something. Everytime i use my wand all my skills will show up in the cooldown bars, but it's just global cooldowns. It's a bit spammy to have 7 bars just all show up for the global cd. For your information im...
File: CandyDice10-02-06
Originally posted by Astika v115,...
Posted By: Knifed
Originally posted by Astika v115, on load or /reloadui . . . me too
File: TTSpellTimer09-19-06
maximum allowable bars?
Posted By: Knifed
is there a way to set the maximum bars showing on screen at any time? i tank against 3 or 4 mobs and i sunder them all and proceed to try to hold aggro on all of them, meaning multiple sunders. this results in about... 10+ bars which sort of screws up my UI a bit. Maybe implement a way to set a maximum number of bars and overwri...
File: TTSpellTimer09-13-06
move window: bottom left anchor
Posted By: Knifed
doesn't seem to work. bottom right anchor works and the timers grow upwards, but the bottom left anchor still makes the timers grow downwards.
File: CandyDice09-13-06
cannot disable cooldown tracking
Posted By: Knifed
since sprint and evasion have long cooldowns, i figured it's probably not the best idea to have mass bars showing on the screen. on an attempt to disable sprint and evasion using /cd abilities sprint scancd /cd abilities evasion scancd they were both toggled to however upon a recasting of those abilities the timers still...