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File: gBanker01-10-11
partial Stacks.
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it would be nice to be able to tell it, send only 100 cloth to the bank tab vs the 200 cloth in my bags. it's a great mod if your doing MASS transfers of everything, but being able to specify the quantity of the transfer would put it over the top for guild bankers/horders like me who have a guild withe 4 tabs just for storage. ( a t...
File: Cirk's Aspects04-27-08
Universal use of Stance bars
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Hello, I use Bartender3 for my action bars. your mod looks like it would be really helpful, except that id doesn't address the Stance bar from Blizzard ;( if you address the stance bar, then all the Bar mods will instantly have access to your mod. please think about adding this functionality Tassleoff
File: Altoholic04-24-08
Searching professions
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this has become my Favorite Alt Addon, But it is lacking in one area, searching just professions to see if you can do that enchant to boots, or what mail chest pieces you can make. I use ProfessionsBook, but have noticed lately that is it causing more trouble then it is worth, now that I can look at my alts crafts, can you set it...
File: Altoholic04-14-08
Originally posted by Thaoky It's...
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Originally posted by Thaoky It's still in my plans, I'm currently working on the suggestions part of the professions, and part of this will consist in adding specializations + support for lockpicking. You should see this in a week or two depending on my free time. Sweet!! ;)
File: Altoholic04-13-08
please if you have time remember th...
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please if you have time remember the lockpicking. for those with multiple rogues that would be very helpful even for those with 1 rogue, knowing the lockpicking level lets you know if you need to find someone else to pick your Boxes.
File: Altoholic04-03-08
Re: Removing an alt
Posted By: Tassleoff
thanks for your prompt reply. I found I also needed to clean the reputation area of the SaveData file as well. looking at how you did your Data storage I am very impressed, Great work and thanks again for the quick response. Tassleoff Originally posted by Thaoky To remove an alt, you just have to edit the file WTF/youracco...
File: Altoholic04-02-08
Need to be able to remove an alt
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please help with how to remove an alt from the list. I have been using your mod for a bit and I have really enjoyed it. but I deleted an alt this week so I could change the name of another (long Story) but I can not find a way to remove an alt form the database without removing the whole database. also, if you could include L...
File: MageAnnounce04-01-08
Error with Mage anounce
Posted By: Tassleoff
I have noted that all spells act as if casting Slow since the last update. if there is an easy fix for this let me know.