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File: EnergyWatch06-23-07
Druid specific issue?
Posted By: Na'enthos
I prefer to have EW on while stealthing and in combat, but if I use '/ew show stealth' it always shows the bar when I'm in catform (and not only when stealthed/in combat). Also, if I use '/ew show stealthonly' it doesn't always seem to recognise when I'm stealthed or not. It always turns off out of cat form, but sometimes it's on...
File: cyCircled02-22-07
Find your way to WowAce!
Posted By: Na'enthos
This addon is updated, but apparently only at http://files.wowace.com/ as far as I could tell.
File: Frosty - Mage Water Elemental Addon02-07-07
I really, really like the idea of t...
Posted By: Na'enthos
I really, really like the idea of this addon. I can't use it yet (I have a level 42 mage), though. One thing I would simply like to add (for consideration) is that, personally, I prefer fast and small addons as those have a smaller chance of slowing down WoW. Of course, it's your addon.. and I have no knowledge of writing addons,...