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File: Clique11-14-09
Originally posted by Cladhaire I'...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire I've just added support for the Steelseries MMO gaming mouse. Please if you have one, read the addon description and test it out to see if you can get it working as well, but I have tested it. Yay! I think I just scared my husband with my yelp of joy!!:)
File: Hello Kitty Island Adventure09-07-07
I think that I'm going to install t...
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I think that I'm going to install this on my 13yo son's pc while he's at school, would that be mean? I think it's just darling, great job!
File: The Low Down09-15-06
Thank you so much! This happens to...
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Thank you so much! This happens to me all the time, especially in raids when I scroll up after a kill to see what I've missed and then get busy again and forget to scroll down. I'm so glad that you've found a way to compensate for my air-headedness :o .