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File: nUI02-02-09
button scale?
Posted By: Shak
wow - i'm blown away at this compilation...how easy the setup has been and it works almost "out of the box" i'm sensitive to reading the manual before asking questions, but i've searched best I could but can't seem to find mention of - scaling the button bars. some bars fit prefect into the UI and shouldn't be scaled, but I'd...
File: Clique09-18-06
i apologize in advance - i've read...
Posted By: Shak
i apologize in advance - i've read the tutorial and many of the posts - but i can't quite figure it out can I write a script in Clique to call a macro that i've already written and is in my actionbar? or do i have to rewrite the macro inside the Clique I looked at the http://www.wowwiki.com/World_of_Warcraft_API api calls -...