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File: Sorren's Timers06-27-07
Great mod. One question - can you m...
Posted By: Vetras
Great mod. One question - can you modify font size? Couldnt see it anywhere - would like to increase it slightly.
File: SellFish04-10-07
Nice Mod
Posted By: Vetras
As usual great mod Tuller. Any chance max stack size could be added for database? Right now that's the prime reason I still use KCI items, seeing max stack size is nice. Any more data I usually use alt and (shiver) Auctioneer.
File: Fudge04-07-07
Posted By: Vetras
I use nudge for my main and just loaded this for my shadowpriest alt. What would be really helpful would be to be able to create two panels - one of the long range spell (mindblast, shadowbolt, fireball, lightning bolt) and another for a shorter range spell (mindflay, fear, fireblast, frostshock). Would be real helpful in fast paced...
File: eCastingBar12-29-06
Posted By: Vetras
Thanks for the update. Hunter's volley isn't showing in latest version. Everything else seems to work.
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames12-24-06
Global - Small Functionality request
Posted By: Vetras
Global - thanks for all your work on this. After minigroup2 started having problems I switched to Perl and have used it since. One request that I have is the ability to place the location of buffs/ debuffs of your TARGET and TOT in a spot different than just below. I normally place my target frame on the bottom of the screen and w...