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File: AutoBar12-12-06
Bug Report
Posted By: Daklu
I'm glad you fixed this up for BTS. This has become a "can't live without it" addon. I've noticed the frames used for the cooldown timers aren't resizing with the buttons. Everything still works, but the frame outlines really obscure the images on the bar. (I run them at about 80% normal size.) Keep up the good work!
File: Nudge12-09-06
Feature Request
Posted By: Daklu
Add support for other classes One thing I liked about RangeHelper was that I could choose which spells to use for range detection. This allowed me to use it with other classes, such as a warrior, by using Charge to trigger the in-range detection. Any chance of adding this in?
File: FollowMe11-10-06
Great Addon
Posted By: Daklu
Good job on this Addon. It's one of those things that you never realized you need until you get it, then you can't live without it. (It's a "Customer Delighter" in marketing-speak.) The only suggestions I have are to have an option to disable the whisper announce to the target that they are being followed. I've noticed that whe...