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File: MetaMap05-30-09
Re: Re: Coordinates not as default
Posted By: Bashman
Originally posted by mbanks850 Option added... I love easy requests THANKS A LOT :D ...I love quick responses hehe
File: MetaMap05-28-09
Coordinates not as default
Posted By: Bashman
Hi, thanks for your work, it's a great job you're doing :banana: One question: What can I do to prevent coordinates set as default text everytime creating a mapnote?
File: Nudge05-30-07
Re: Re: If you play many characters...
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Originally posted by Fleetfoot Now if you really want to do this, may i suggest a better way. just put these lines of code at the top of the lua file above all the other code. local _, class = UnitClass("player"); if class ~= "HUNTER" then return end THAT hunter-check. I've thought it's a hunter-addon. "This is...
File: Nudge05-27-07
Posted By: Bashman
Please include that hunter-check; I don't know if I'll remember to update the code manually when you release the next version, thanks :)
File: FuBar - FriendsFu05-04-07
GuldFu AND FriendsFu united?
Posted By: Bashman
Any plans to merge GuildFu and FriendsFu into a single addon? E.g. first a list of the friends, separator, then of the guildmates.
File: EasyPriest09-26-06
"EasyPriest" ?
Posted By: Bashman
Salut, where is EP_BestSpell gone? The rest of this addon looks like "EasyCast" or "EasyMage", but is has no special function for priests anymore.