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File: LilSparky's Workshop06-29-09
Re: Re: Question...
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Originally posted by lilsparky the version at curse has that feature. if you hit alt, it'll show you the # of auctions (and the number of items in your current inventory). i haven't uploaded that version here because it's still got some issues... tho maybe i should cuz i swear people download from one place then post on another...
File: TweakWoW05-25-09
Originally posted by jaliborc One...
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Originally posted by jaliborc One more thing: I think you should remove the interface color option and place it in a separate addon, because it has nothing to do with game settings. P.S: Glad about the tooltips. I disagree. The interface is part of the game. It's fine where it is. Thanks for a great addon!
File: Auditor02-21-09
another LDB request
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Hey, I loved this addon when I used FuBar. I'm one of many that's finding the broker addons a much better alternative and just wanted to say I can't wait til you have your Auditor addon libdatabroker compatible. If anyone has this addon functioning with ldb please respond as I'm not able to get it to display. I'm using Fortress a...