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File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-26-08
Filter by count?
Posted By: Inien
The ability to filter certain buffs into a new frame is really nice. I was wondering if it would be possible to filter a buff based on its stack count? My enhancement shaman has the talent Maelstrom Weapon. When it stacks up to 5, it makes his next spell with a cast time an instant cast. I was wondering if it could be filtered i...
File: ElementalFlux08-30-08
Minor cosmetic suggestion. Is it p...
Posted By: Inien
Minor cosmetic suggestion. Is it possible to only make the timer show, either by default or toggle, if the pet is actually a water elemental? I really don't need to see the timer if I take control of a pet for a daily or if I'm on one of the quest specific mount pets. :)
File: TTSpellTimer12-08-06
Re: Re: Errors in new version
Posted By: Inien
Posting a hopefully simple suggestion. :) As you might know, mages have 3 polymorph spells. Regular Polymorph, Polymorph: Pig and Polymorph: Turtle. Was wondering if it was possible to get seperate settings for each of these, if only the messages part?I like to have different messages depending on the poly being cast. ;)