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File: Outfitter12-06-14
I get the following error all the t...
Posted By: Stavmar
I get the following error all the time... Message: :15: attempt to index a nil value Time: 12/06/14 09:46:35 Count: 1 Stack: : ? :15: in function `Function' Interface\AddOns\Outfitter\MC2EventLib.lua:41: in function `DispatchEvent' Interface\AddOns\Outfitter\MC2EventLib.lua:162: in function
File: SmartDebuff09-11-12
Aeldra, I apologize if this was alr...
Posted By: Stavmar
Aeldra, I apologize if this was already commented on, but I play a shaman and I am not seeing SmartDebuff not show the spells I can purify. I saw that you implemented Priest debuffs but I have yet to test them. Is this something that I am doing wrong or something that you have not gotten to just yet? Thank you for the great addon.
File: TipTac03-13-10
Bug Report
Posted By: Stavmar
Every time I hover over a new toon, I get the same bug each time. I assume Clique has something to do with the issue, but any assistance would be useful. Stav 2x TipTac-10.02.27\core.lua:610: :SetText(): Font not set TipTac-10.02.27\core.lua:610: in function TipTac-10.02.27\core.lua:629: in func...
File: Caith UI12-19-09
Re: Bags
Posted By: Stavmar
Originally posted by WishIHealed Maybe its just me, but what mod is making me have a single bag so I can get rid of it. One bag is a pain imo. Thanks It is combuctor
File: Caith UI12-19-09
KG Panels rsize for latest version
Posted By: Stavmar
With the latest version of the compilation, when you shrunk the PB4 frames the KG Panels seem to be too big for the ToT frame and the party frames, can you send an update for that... The pet unit frame is also to big for the KG panel and the pet action bar is actually under neath it I could be missing something but I wanted t...
File: TomTom09-13-09
Long TIne user first time DK
Posted By: Stavmar
Just wondering Clad. I just started my first DK, yeah I know, and I am trying to use Lightheaded and manually set way points as well, but when I click on the coords or type it in there manually I get some weird measurements. i.e. 43023 yards while in Death's Breach for one of the quests. I disabled all the other mods that poten...
File: Overachiever02-02-09
Can't See the Tracker
Posted By: Stavmar
I Was curious, I cannot seem to find the tracker when I enable it. I see it when the mod mod is disabled, but not when it is enabled, Is there a way to reset it perhaps that I am missing. BTW, I love the mod, it is elegant and really a great presentation of what I look for in any addon.
File: Ara Broker XP11-25-08
I was trying to use the Broker2Fuba...
Posted By: Stavmar
I was trying to use the Broker2Fubar in Button Bins place with no success. Maybe I will try BB again. Originally posted by Aranarth If you have ButtonBin read the comment from OttoDeFe :p.
File: Ara Broker XP11-24-08
So I load the addOn into my Addons...
Posted By: Stavmar
So I load the addOn into my Addons folder and I cannot see it anywhere, what am I missing, I do not even see how to turn it on.
File: Altoholic11-23-08
Re: FuBar Problems
Posted By: Stavmar
If you get Broker2Fubar you should be able to adjust those weird Fubar Add ins See if that works Stav Originally posted by Crystallyne I'm having similar problems with FuBar. I don't want Altoholics to display at all on my Fubar, as I use the minimap icon. But I can not find an option ANYWHERE to disable it. It's not list...
File: Trinket Menu05-07-08
Originally posted by Gello Since...
Posted By: Stavmar
Originally posted by Gello Since I plan to revamp buttons in Itemrack (once stable set equips and events are in) I'll look into it but I can't promise anything. The frequency of its updates scares me. TrinketMenu hasn't needed (or "hasn't had" may be more accurate) an update in over two years. If it's something I can drop in and...
File: Trinket Menu05-07-08
Skinning Issue
Posted By: Stavmar
In the past I used CyCircled for my trinket skin for Trinket Menu. It allowed the entire UI to mesh well together. Are there plans to incorporate the new kid on the block? Button Facade. Here is the Ace thread if you have yet to see it, although I doubt it. Others are asking the same question and some are using the autobar trin...
File: Possessions11-25-07
WOOT! More Features
Posted By: Stavmar
Siz, You do what you can do. I am glad that you would like to see it as well, otherwise it would probably never happen. I currently use WhoHas as a tooltip look at what my alts have when hovering over an item on the current character I am playing. The guild bank implementation however will probably "fill the gap" for possession...
File: Possessions11-22-07
Originally posted by chwolfgang T...
Posted By: Stavmar
Originally posted by chwolfgang Thank you very much for this addon and for adding support for mail crates. I would ask very much that you add support of Guild Vaults if you can. Between my alts on just one server I have access to 3 vaults and I would like to be able to use possessions to find things. Even to just know which vault i...
File: BankStack11-21-07
Thanks for the update Kemayo. I...
Posted By: Stavmar
Thanks for the update Kemayo. I actually want to reverse sort my personal bank and inventory but on the guild bank reverse just seems strange. Or maybe I am on crack! Regardless, I think it is working just great, the /sort guild1,2,3,4,etc is working as expected. And I really cannot see how Mr Plow has sped up personal bank an...
File: BankStack11-20-07
Two requests, to allow the user to...
Posted By: Stavmar
Two requests, to allow the user to reverse sort, so I can fill the last bag first then fill the other bags left. I would like ot be able to adjust this per inventory, bank, and guild bank. I would like to know the command for it to work in Guild Banks, cant get that part to work just yet? What am I missing? What am I doing wrong?...
File: Clique09-26-07
Pet frame
Posted By: Stavmar
Clad, I was playing my Druid Alt, hooray for healing, and was trying to buff both a hunter and pet in my party. I was able to buff the hunter using the party frame but not the pet. I was wondering if I missed something in your notes? I was using r86 last night. No errors came up in my bugsack either... Thanks for the mod as...
File: TomTom08-02-07
Setting Waypoints in a diffenet Zone?
Posted By: Stavmar
Clad, Thanks for the great mod. I am actually having my wife use it as she is horrible with directions. I had a question, I noticed in the pictures you provided, the last Screenshot specifically, you are in IF and your WayPoint is in Tanaris. Did you set that way point in Tanaris and take the Screenie in IF, or are you able to...
File: OmniCC05-02-07
: OmniCC\main.lua:220: :Se...
Posted By: Stavmar
: OmniCC\main.lua:220: :SetText(): Font not set OmniCC\main.lua:220: in function --- I am getting this error and of course seeing no numbers on my ActionBars. I am using Clearfonts for my fonts so there might be an issue with that, but I thought I would post.
File: PerfectRaid04-16-07
I like the hide/show feature request
Posted By: Stavmar
Great! I don't mind going into /praid options and just check and uncheck I am in agreement here, as a DPS caster I would love to be able to show/hide raid frames without deleting them. If I play with the same group of people constantly I would typically have the same format of my raid frames, all the time. I am interested however...
File: Trinket Menu03-15-07
I am wanting to use OMNI CC to show...
Posted By: Stavmar
I am wanting to use OMNI CC to show the cool down counts int eh trinket slots provided by TM. In this latest version of OMNI CC I am not seeing the cool downs in the slots but do see them in the available trinket slots, the side menu that shows you what you can switch them to. Any ideas as to what might have changed with TM to cau...
File: OmniCC03-15-07
I am using trinket menu with OmniCC...
Posted By: Stavmar
I am using trinket menu with OmniCC, and I am not seeing the countdown in the trinket slots but am seeing them in the other available trinket menu. Why would they not show up in the two trinket slots the addon provides? In addition I was not experienceing this with the previous version of OMNI CC that i was using, OmniCC61205....
File: Bonuses03-06-07
Posted By: Stavmar
I got an error in bugsack saying that it could not fin itembonuslib-1.0. I have this library in its external form. A seperate folder called ItemBonusLib downloaded using the WAU form wowace. But Bonuses did not pick it up. I am attempting to copy just that library into the folder to see if that might fix the problem. Do you hav...
File: TradeSkillInfo02-06-07
I used both ATSW and Tradeskill Inf...
Posted By: Stavmar
I used both ATSW and Tradeskill Info without any bugs popping up. I love having the combination But I don't think the WoWace svn has been updated since the date listed here. SO I still have yet to find the BC recipes and mats in this mod which really blows as this was by far my favorite mod for that type of information.
File: TradeSkillInfo01-22-07
Is the tradeskill library going to...
Posted By: Stavmar
Is the tradeskill library going to be upgraded. It is working great for me in BC but I would like to have all the new recipies and crafting information at my fingertips again. Do you think this might happen? Thank you for the great addon.