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File: ImprovedErrorFrame10-20-10
Thank you for the fix. I really lov...
Posted By: Zeoch
Thank you for the fix. I really love this addon. Can you please poste the complete ImprovedErrorFrame.xml? I have now idea where I have to cut it in :rolleyes: Thank you very much
File: Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels (plugin)01-24-09
Fix pls
Posted By: Zeoch
Great Addon! Please provide a fix :)
File: Cartographer01-28-07
Posted By: Zeoch
Does anyone know how to import the datas from Gather? I´ve installed the import mod but doesn´t know how to import because the is no describtion.
File: RatingBuster12-08-06
wont work with my german client
Posted By: Zeoch
Great Mod! ...but It won´t work with my german client. Its activ, shows Item Level and ID but no percents. Is there any change that someone can fix it because I realy like to use it