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File: Bongos Skinned Map11-03-07
Omen Troubles?
Posted By: chad
I see a new version posted since the comments, but no mention of Omen in the History... Is it too much to hope that `important bugs fixed' included the Omen problem? I was using this mod yesterday (along with Omen), and noticed that while I could see data for most of the party (including one KTM user), I could not see anything fr...
File: InstaBolt03-20-07
Preist support?
Posted By: chad
It looks like the version with support for Priest still hasn't made it up. Any idea when it will be, or when there will be a beta to test? Anything that I can do to help?
File: InstaBolt02-11-07
Preist Surge of Light support
Posted By: chad
Originally posted by Photonic Hey I actually already finished the priest mod you wanted, it does both concentration and surge. Heh, I just came here looking for an update in the hopes that it would support SoL. Looks like I was a bit early, but I can be patient. :-) Thanks in advance.