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File: TweakWoW12-13-09
You should reimplement and modify H...
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You should reimplement and modify HorizonFarclip as HorizonFarclipScale, which takes values from 4.00 to 6.00 (The stepping between full integers is pretty big)
File: TweakWoW12-09-09
As of 3.2, HorizonFarclip has been...
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As of 3.2, HorizonFarclip has been converted to HorizonFarclipScale. The locked min and max are 4 and 6 HorizonFarclipScale 6 is equivalent to the previous HorizonFarclip max TextureCacheSize has been converted to use a value in MB, with the default being 32, and the max (at least on systems with 4gb ram) being 64. And as...
File: TweakWoW05-25-09
Posted By: JTF195
The characterambient cvar can only be turned completely off by setting it without a numeral value. "/console characterambient" Please add the ability to turn it completely off. :) Also, I don't know if nearclip and lod do anything anymore or not, but you might want to add them. And possibly the various bias settings.