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Originally posted by Cladhaire Yo...
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Originally posted by Cladhaire You can find it on the Clique addon page. I can't add it to PerfectRaid, because it would show the addon as "updated" which would frustrate LOTS of people =). You would need a shotgun and several grenades to keep the angry swarms away. : )
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Originally posted by Druidtauren...
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Originally posted by Druidtauren Cladhaire.. could you PLZ update this addon for this patch... when i download it, unzip and run the game.. under my addon folder in WoW, right b4 you log in.. it just says Incomtiable or something like that, cant remember it 100%.. so it doesn't show ingame.. neither does the /praid ----- commands....
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Is it totally impossible to use cli...
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Is it totally impossible to use clique to cast by clicking players, instead of their frames? Can wow even do that?
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I was wondering if there was a way to sort Perfectraid horziontally? I recently made some changes to my UI and it would be way awesome if i could aligne my raid frames against the top of my screen, rather than the sides