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File: ag_UnitFrames12-28-12
pick this up?
Posted By: Tweeker
I have tried every unit frame addon available... My favorite for many reasons was AG UNIT FRAMES I am aware that SUF acts and can look the same way... But... I love the low footprint and ease of config with AGUF I am more than willing to donate for someone to pick this addon up and give it a nice up to date polish. Thanks
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-12-12
Recent Problem Removes Player Frame...
Posted By: Tweeker
Recent Problem Removes Player Frame-1- 21x ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.7.1-1-g8866edc\modules\layout.lua:467: attempt to compare number with nil ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.7.1-1-g8866edc\modules\layout.lua:467: in function "PositionWidgets" ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.7.1-1-g8866edc\modules\layout.lua:131: in function "Load" ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.7.1...
File: Ion10-09-12
I would like to apologize to everyo...
Posted By: Tweeker
I would like to apologize to everyone for the delays. Things have been insane for me. Very insane. I have not even done anything in Mists save to level a monk to 20 and a few of the Pet Battle things. All my high level characters are still 85, and two have only done a handful of quests in the Jade Forest. Lack of activity in the game...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-04-12
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5x ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.6.1-24-g631405d\modules\layout.lua:467: attempt to compare number with nil ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.6.1-24-g631405d\modules\layout.lua:467: in function "PositionWidgets" ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.6.1-24-g631405d\modules\layout.lua:131: in function "Load" ShadowedUnitFrames-v3.6.1-24-g631405d\modules\units.lua:306: i...
File: Bartender409-03-12
Posted By: Tweeker
I am getting this error 1x libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0-31.lua:1087: script ran too long libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0-31.lua:1087: in function "method" libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0-31.lua:634: in function libs\LibActionButton-1.0\L...
File: Ion09-02-12
OMG - Maul!! Your Back!
Posted By: Tweeker
Oh thank god! Thought you left us for good! Been with ya since the first release of trinity... then ya left us with macaroon... then wow effed that up, then i cried. So nice to see ya back! I'm gonna go "Buy Maul A Coke" before I even download this Ion stuff.... No need to wonder, i'm sure it's great!
File: DrGlenn's Aion UI06-30-11
unable to see map through art
Posted By: Tweeker
Is there a trick to being able to see the map through the artwork? For this example, I have slid the map half way so you can see the artwork and it's transparent issue.
File: rBuffFrameStyler06-01-11
anyone know of a working addon simi...
Posted By: Tweeker
anyone know of a working addon similar to this? I want my buff frames moveable :(
File: FlyoutButton Custom01-09-11
So how does one go about enabling t...
Posted By: Tweeker
So how does one go about enabling the mouseover popup?
File: Sniffles Minimap01-03-11
right clicking bottom left for trac...
Posted By: Tweeker
right clicking bottom left for tracking does not work.
File: TBag-Shefki11-29-10
equip ()
Posted By: Tweeker
can this rule be put in? if so how can i have my equipment sets from blizzard's equipment manager placed in their own area.
File: Aurora11-21-10
Originally posted by Haleth Eh, it...
Posted By: Tweeker
Originally posted by Haleth Eh, it does work, else I wouldn't upload it. And no, Curse is a horrible website and that addon never worked in the first place, judging by the comments. So is the version you uploaded "working" cause i followed the instructions details to a T and still notice no changes
File: Aurora11-21-10
Originally posted by Haleth Thanks...
Posted By: Tweeker
Originally posted by Haleth Thanks, should be fixed soon. Can hardlt wait till this addon works! Looks like a great concept. Although, might consider a different name?
File: Healerbuttons 310-17-10
Originally posted by Scale Yep i r...
Posted By: Tweeker
Originally posted by Scale Yep i removed allot of the commands (all but binds on the 25 man beta version). However i haven't updated my Documentation ^^ I sure miss the binds.. also would be great if there was MIDDLE BUTTON for binding too :)
File: Recruit-A-Friend05-02-10
Archive Damaged
Posted By: Tweeker
try and upload it completely this time
File: QuestRouterLite04-10-10
Posted By: Tweeker
death by fatigue WTB: a better tracker (back to the old fashioned way)
File: OnScreenHealth04-06-10
Is there a way
Posted By: Tweeker
Is there a way to make it only show up for aggro mobs? IE: no need to show Auctioneer Jackson's health etc and it would be nice if the chat wasn't so spammy with code $c min / max : 43797 / 43832 formatted string: 43797 $c min / max : 40705 / 43832 formatted string: 40705 has come online. $c min / max : 43832 / 43832 formatted str...
File: Tradeskill Advice03-30-10
Posted By: Tweeker
Since this is dependant on an addon called TradeSkillInfo.. do you know where i can get that? The one here is dated for 2008 I added the tradeskillinfo file from 2008, and this does not work at all, following exact instructions. nice concept, wish it worked.
File: ArkInventory03-28-10
moving bag on screen
Posted By: Tweeker
This looks like a great addon, would love to know when we can "Drag" the bag frame without locking up wow.
File: SmartDebuff03-24-10
am hoping /sdb works again soon, I...
Posted By: Tweeker
am hoping /sdb works again soon, I miss my config options :(
File: AudioX II03-23-10
this would be sweet
Posted By: Tweeker
This is a nice idea! Let us know when it's working with latest patch?
File: Grouper03-17-10
Posted By: Tweeker
Anyone know what this mod is for? Looked for description, but all i saw was the Changelog on the description section.
File: Need The Orb03-13-10
burn this addon
Posted By: Tweeker
Now i know why i'm constantly getting f**ed out of all my orb's...
File: iBuffDebuffU03-10-10
too wide
Posted By: Tweeker
cant bring it any less wide than 5 inches through the config.
File: MoPage12-08-09
Re: Re: Keybindings
Posted By: Tweeker
Originally posted by blindmanwalking There are no plans at this time to add the option to use the standard blizzard modifiers in and of themselves. (Shift, Alt, Ctrl) This would take a bit more brain power and take time that I don't have to give. if someone would like to contribute thoughts, I am open to adding. I recommend a...