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File: CLC DK10-19-10
Howling Blast
Posted By: Kyrianna
Patch notes say that Glyph of Howling Blast is detected so it should be showing me that instead of Icy Touch. Tried this addon for the first time today and it isn't being detected. Do I have to reapply the glyph for the addon to detect it?
File: Flourish08-08-10
Great addon, I'm really loving what...
Posted By: Kyrianna
Great addon, I'm really loving what it does for me on my lowbies. If it wouldn't be too much trouble though could you possibly add support for the xp bar included with Spartan UI? It's a pretty common compilation that I've seen alot of custom UI's built out of and it would save me from having to run a second experience meter to use F...
File: Broker_Garbage04-07-10
Re: Re: Can't get it to delete trash
Posted By: Kyrianna
Originally posted by ckaotik What exactly are you doing? Shift-clicking on what, the tooltip lines? The LDB display text? Anything else? Do you get any kind of error message? I've tried clicking on both the LDB display line and individual item lines on the tooltip. Both have no effect at all. I don't get any type of error, it...
File: Broker_Garbage04-07-10
Can't get it to delete trash
Posted By: Kyrianna
I can't seem to get the shift-click to delete item from bags to work. I am running the newest version of this addon with Chocolate Bar as my display.
File: BadBoy_CCleaner: Filter Crap From Chat01-23-10
Posted By: Kyrianna
Would love to see the murloc movies crap removed, for example Murlocs on a Plane, Teenage Mutant Ninja Murlocs, etc. Really old, really annoying, and STILL heavily done on my server. Thank you especially though for ridding my chat window of it's billionth Anal line. :banana:
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic01-30-08
Issue with Crispy Bat Wings
Posted By: Kyrianna
FoM keeps trying to feed my pet Dragonhawk Crispy Bat Wings. The tooltip says that my pet "Loves this food," but WoW says that my pet doesn't like that food at all and won't let me feed it to him. FoM won't move past this food at all if it's in my bags and insists on feeding it to him unless I sell it. Please fix.
File: Minimap Button Frame12-06-07
Just grabbed the new version to try...
Posted By: Kyrianna
Just grabbed the new version to try out, thank you very much for getting that coding done so fast! =)
File: Minimap Button Frame12-05-07
@ Daxx: Tried that when I first saw...
Posted By: Kyrianna
@ Daxx: Tried that when I first saw this addon here. DMBS seemed to override it and none of the minimap buttons were populating the frame. @ Bach: Thank you very much for working on incorporating this. Will be eagerly awaiting the next version. =)
File: Minimap Button Frame12-04-07
Blizzard buttons
Posted By: Kyrianna
Would it be possible for you to add support for the Blizzard minimap buttons? Specifically the mail icon, voice chat icon, lfg icon, and bg queue icon. Would love to see those cleaned up so I can use your addon over Detached Mini Buttons. =)
File: Detached MiniMap Buttons11-21-07
re: possible fix for Shardace healthstone button
Posted By: Kyrianna
Tried out the newest version. Now shardace cannot be positioned via it's own slash commands at all and I'm forced to use DMBS to move it. Furthermore the healthstone button seems to be on a separate anchor from the rest of the shardace addon and has to be dragged separately into the row.
File: Detached MiniMap Buttons11-17-07
Problem with ShardAce
Posted By: Kyrianna
The newest version seems to be a bit buggy with ShardAce. The healthstone button gets displaced every time I log on now. Requires me to change the button formation twice to fix it back into a line.
File: ShardAce11-15-07
Can't change broadcast channel in 2.3
Posted By: Kyrianna
Getting an error message any time I try to change broadcast channels since the 2.3 patch. Submitted a bug report here with the details.
File: RatingBuster04-04-07
Posted By: Kyrianna
Error: attempt to call method 'GetStatMod' (a nil value) AddOn: RatingBuster File: RatingBuster.lua Line: 802 Count: 1 -------------------------------------------------- Error: attempt to call method 'GetStatMod' (a nil value) AddOn: RatingBuster File: RatingBuster.lua Line: 836 Count: 2 Getting these errors with v1.0...
File: Wowhead Quests03-25-07
Re: ?
Posted By: Kyrianna
Took me some doing, but I finally got this working. It seems that this mod requires both Double Wide (link posted below in this thread) and FuBarQuestsFu http://files.wowace.com/ Works fine when both of those addons are installed, but wish that both had been listed as requirements up front.
File: RatingBuster02-28-07
Could you perhaps make this work wi...
Posted By: Kyrianna
Could you perhaps make this work with the comparison tooltips from Bonuses? http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info6933-Bonuses.html
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-11-07
I'm getting that error as well. In...
Posted By: Kyrianna
I'm getting that error as well. In my case it's also blacking out most of the icons on my action bars, in my bags, and on my character screen. Reverted back to 2.19 for now. =(