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File: PerfectRaid10-15-10
Cladhaire, Many thanks to you fo...
Posted By: Laine
Cladhaire, Many thanks to you for updating this and Clique, among others. PerfectRaid is without a doubt the best raid frame I've found. One question though. Is it possible to get my custom buff/debuff indicators from one toon to another? Thanks! Laine
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!12-27-09
Somehow I ended up with v2.2 on my...
Posted By: Laine
Somehow I ended up with v2.2 on my machine! Not sure how that happened. MMOUI does my updates and I know it updated on the 24th or 25th. Anyway, current version is there now and it works just as it should. Thanks! Laine
File: NeedToKnow - Updated!12-27-09
I'm getting errors and non-function...
Posted By: Laine
I'm getting errors and non-functionality since my last update. Error: attempt to index field 'Groups' (a nil value) AddOn: NeedToKnow File: NeedToKnow.lua Line: 149 Count: 2 Thanks for a great addon that's been added to my list of things I really really don't like raiding without. Laine
File: Bagnon12-26-09
I've used bagnon without issue for...
Posted By: Laine
I've used bagnon without issue for a long time (years??). After updating recently, I find that it now has an interface for the gbank. While I don't mind that alone, I've yet to figure out how to donate cash to the gbank through the new interface. What am i missing? Thanks! Laine
File: LilSparky's Workshop10-13-09
I'm having issues with LS. I use i...
Posted By: Laine
I'm having issues with LS. I use it exclusively with Skillet. Both of the LS columns are faded/grayed regardless of whether a profit could be made. Also when sorting the recipes by LSW Profit, they come up randomly. Any ideas?
File: Auctioneer10-08-09
I've been using Auc for months with...
Posted By: Laine
I've been using Auc for months without issue, but recently I've noticed my tooltip's Auc data telling me that my database is xx days old (xx=45 today) and that i should update it, even though I still do complete scans on the AH daily. The tooltip data still shows me average price data for 3, 7 & 14 days just as it always has. How c...
File: PallyPower07-18-09
Alternate Buff
Posted By: Laine
Is there a convention in Pally Power to temporarily assign an alternate buff to a specific target? It's for this situation: I'm in a raid with one other pally, I'm ret, he's holy. He buffs everyone with kings. I buff might/wisdom, but he wants wisdom while i want might. It would be really nice if I could let PP know that I want t...
File: Auctioneer06-22-09
Filter Search Results with a wildcard
Posted By: Laine
I'd like to know if it's possible to filter the results of a Searcher search with wildcards. I typically run a Resale search after a scan. I'd like to exclude any items "...of the Owl" (for example) from my results. Is that possible? Thanks in advance! BTW, my bank alt just hit 200k gold in the "Money received from auctions" s...
File: Auctioneer02-10-09
What am I missing here? If there's...
Posted By: Laine
What am I missing here? If there's no 'Auctions' section under Enchantrix, where do I set my 'Percentless and Bidbroker' settings?
File: Auctioneer02-05-09
OK--5.3 installed per instructions....
Posted By: Laine
OK--5.3 installed per instructions. All other addons are off. I'm still missing the 'Auctions' section of my Enchantrix configuration UI. Here's a link to the screeny. http://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu219/mikesdd/WoWScrnShot_020509_125506.jpg And for reference, my Ignore list is still missing everything I had on it before y...
File: Auctioneer02-05-09
I've developed another issue, unrel...
Posted By: Laine
I've developed another issue, unrelated to the first. When I logged into my banker tonight, I found that my Ignore List had been cleared. Nothing in it at all. I also found an issue with Enchantrix. When I pull up the configuration screen, as from the Slide Bar, the config UI comes up but it's missing the 'auctions' subcategory....
File: Auctioneer02-04-09
Posted By: Laine
I am having trouble getting the Snatch searcher to behave as expected. I have a feeling I'm missing something fundamental. I'm using 5.2 1. How is it possible (or indeed is it possible) to add an item to the snatch list without having one in your bags to begin with? I realize you can add items found doing other searches (using...
File: Dominos10-15-08
What am I missing here--how do I tu...
Posted By: Laine
What am I missing here--how do I turn the bars/elements on and off? Coming from a Bongos2 environment. Edit: and now that i've found the wiki for dominos...i know how to turn bars off :)
File: Bongos303-29-08
I'm missing something simple here.....
Posted By: Laine
I'm missing something simple here...I just switched to Bongos3 from Bongos2. I have bar one showing, but I would like to use the numpad keys to page directly to bars 2-6. Worked in 2, can't see how to do it in 3. Help!
File: Bongos201-11-07
Is there still no way to get to act...
Posted By: Laine
Is there still no way to get to action bars 7-10 without stances? I'd just like to be able to page directly to them (shift+7 for example).
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic01-10-07
Re: Feed-o-Matic Invalid Container ID
Posted By: Laine
Originally posted by doktorstick With FW 2.0.2 and Patch 2.0.3 Error: ContainerIDToInventoryID(): invalid container ID AddOn: GFW_FeedOMatic File: FeedOMatic.lua Line: 1375 Count: Infinite I'm getting the same error message. Also, the keybinding in the config menu shows up fine but doesn't seem to work when you want to...
File: Bongos212-30-06
Action bars 7-10
Posted By: Laine
How do I page directly to action bar 7, 8, 9 or 10? It seems like there used to be a keybinding available for it, but I just don't remember.