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File: ArtPad12-23-14
There's an other fork that should w...
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There's an other fork that should work in Warlords: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/artpad I am not involved in it, but it uses my source code. It's great that there is still interest in my old work.
File: ElementalFlux11-06-10
This addon is no longer required si...
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This addon is no longer required since the water elemental spawns without time limit.
File: Hydrogen04-24-10
Originally posted by miros Can't...
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Originally posted by miros Can't think of a reason no one thought about this 'til now. I love default frames too. Great job. P.S. Might want to add support for other clients changing Spell names with Id's ;) I did think of it earlier: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info5501-ElementalFlux.html But my version is inte...
File: ArtPad03-18-10
Originally posted by akumi any ch...
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Originally posted by akumi any chance of this getting 3.3 updated? It seems to still work for me, so no need to update anything. (I only tested drawing, not communication)
File: ArtPad10-01-09
Originally posted by Dranelol O...
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Originally posted by Dranelol One suggestion though, would it be possible to broadcast to a specific custom channel? Seems kinda cumbersome to invite everyone to a drawing party raid every time we wanna draw to each other >.> The addon uses the addons channel provided by blizzard, it is bound to party/raid.
File: ElementalFlux08-20-09
Originally posted by darkdreamz n...
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Originally posted by darkdreamz need a new upload! super addon btw /got it working, just install old one, and dl and rename new files and then put them over the old ones \overwrite ElementalFluxElementalFlux.lua > ElementalFlux.lua Yes, sorry, I forgot a "/" in the prefix of the archive command :/
File: ArtPad08-11-09
Re: Pre-drawn layouts - in .jpg format?
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Originally posted by Kreelor Very interested in knowing whether or not your addon (or another addon) could allow users to: -- create artwork offline and save the artwork in a graphics format that WoW will accept. Maybe .jpg? -- pop that graphic onto the screen so that party members (who have the addon) can all see the graphic...
File: ArtPad08-05-09
Originally posted by YJMark How d...
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Originally posted by YJMark How do you access options? I can't seem to change colors, save (i.e. save a strat drawing), load a saved drawing, etc... I'm sure it's something silly that I'm just completely overlooking. Thanks. There are no options. All the buttons that can be used are written on the background. You can chang...
File: ArtPad06-14-09
Re: Re: Re: incompativility v5 -> v6
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Originally posted by Imp66 FYI, we had the same problem. We had the guild upgrade to V6, and no one could see what the RL or assists were drawing, so we had to have everyone go back to V5. I think I found the error... really embarassing... Will upload the fixed version tomorrow, after a bit of testing tonight.
File: ArtPad06-10-09
Re: incompativility v5 -> v6
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Originally posted by hexxe I was with a problem with ArtPad 6, when in raid I put /ap show, nothing was showing in window. The problem was that the RaidLeader and all the people is using ArtPad 5. I just download the archived version and now I can see the /ap show in raid. I don't understand. /ap show will show the frame, I did...
File: ArtPad05-31-09
Re: Raid functionality
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Originally posted by Isomalt Is there anyway Artpad could be changed so anyone can draw publicly? The raid leaders don't really want to give us assist all the time, so very few people end up drawing. Also a confirmation on clearing would be great. All in all 18/25 people in our raids use this and have tons of fun with it. Ple...
File: TargetCheck12-28-08
Re: r3
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Originally posted by Jaim Sandar It seems to work fine for me, but a couple of comments. The mouse frame resizes to the target name, but the main frame does not. I can see where this may sometimes be desirable. Is there an option to make the frame to auto-size? The mouse frame stays visible even after the mouse is moved away...
File: TargetCheck12-26-08
Re: and..
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Originally posted by metalchoir I met the error message again like this --------------------------------------- Interface\Addons\TargetCheck\TargetCheck.lua:278: bad argument #1 to 'insert' (table expected, got nil) --------------------------------------- Check it, plz and Happy New Year~ :) Are you sure you use the newest...
File: TargetCheck12-10-08
Re: I can't use
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Thanks for your detailed report, I'll take a look at it.
File: OPie08-31-08
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This addon is excelent. I use it for targeted AoE (Blizzard, Flame Strike, Water Elemental Freeze) on my middle mouse button and for my portal/teleport spells. But I wondered if it would be possible to have sub-rings. A meta ring which opens other rings with each of it's buttons. That way I could have a teleport ring that opens po...
File: ElementalFlux08-31-08
Originally posted by Willowy The...
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Originally posted by Willowy The r1 version does not seem to save settings from session to session on the live servers. .6 works just great, though, thx! Oh yes, I should have tested it more than once... On line 88, change ElementalFlux_Version to ElementalFlux_SaveVersion. I'll publish r2 soon though.
File: ElementalFlux08-30-08
Originally posted by Inien Minor...
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Originally posted by Inien Minor cosmetic suggestion. Is it possible to only make the timer show, either by default or toggle, if the pet is actually a water elemental? I really don't need to see the timer if I take control of a pet for a daily or if I'm on one of the quest specific mount pets. :) Ok, I'll add that :)
File: ElementalFlux01-19-07
Originally posted by Psyker7 <3 t...
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Originally posted by Psyker7 <3 this addon. Simple and effective. Maybe an option to display the CD when its not active? Sucky thing about testing scale and stuff is it only appears while ele is active (obviously :P) How do the format tags work? Like if i wanted the timer centered.... Yes, when I wrote the addon, I could...
File: ElementalFlux01-18-07
Originally posted by imYemeth Hmm...
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Originally posted by imYemeth Hmmm, sounds great, but I only get some strange bar-border artifacts when pet is active... no timer or bar. Tried to deactivate all other addons, didn't help. Strange. Can you give me a screenshot of that bug, maybe on imageshack.us? And yes, the new version uses the blizzard API for SecureTempl...
File: Frosty - Mage Water Elemental Addon01-09-07
Re: Re: Cool addon
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The second return value of UnitClass is not localized: local l, g = UnitClass("player"); g will allways be "MAGE" on any language client. Hope that helps :)
File: ElementalFlux01-08-07
Re: Thanks for this mod!
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Originally posted by wrd I know you're not getting a lot of feedback here, but I know people are using and liking it. 0.4 is very cool, the cast bar addition was a great idea. Thanks a lot, such comments make writing addons worth the time needed. It's nice to know that people use them :)
File: TargetCheck12-17-06
Originally posted by NiGHTsC Good...
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Originally posted by NiGHTsC Good one, working like Cirk's Targetz, but it has own frame, make it easier to watch. By the way, does the frame display all players's name or just the number of the class? not sure if "Filter" is doing that. Thank you for this addon :D I just tried it and I have some problem with the options. wh...