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File: SuperVillain UI04-30-15
Quest item bug
Posted By: Adrianna
Hi, i've noticed that sometimes questitems won't show up to be used in the questtracker. The weird thing is sometimes this happens and sometimes it doesn't. Hopefully you can fix this issue.,wowscrnshot04301515170884UKI.jpg
File: WoW Cache Clearer01-11-13
Wow 64 bit
Posted By: Adrianna
Thank you for this :) Also for those who can run 64 bit versions, you might want to change the line "Start /high Wow.exe" to "Start /high Wow-64.exe" ;)
File: Bagnon06-28-11
I'm sad to see you go :( But have...
Posted By: Adrianna
I'm sad to see you go :( But have fun in your other things you want to do ;) and thank you for such a great addone :banana: