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File: TellMeWhen12-08-13
Love this addon.. just started a ro...
Posted By: reehay
Love this addon.. just started a rogue. Can Tell Me When track combo points? thanks
File: CooldownWatch11-23-13
any way to exclude the text on targ...
Posted By: reehay
any way to exclude the text on target's buffs? i dont care about those numbers, just my own.
File: SomeCooldowns11-23-13
doesnt work for me at all. i type /...
Posted By: reehay
doesnt work for me at all. i type /sc and i cant even click enter. its odd. and then when i click Interface tab, it says SomeCoolDowns is loaded type /sc for options. But it wont let me. odd. I dont see any frame or options for it. Is this useable in NA version of WoW? any ideas?
File: UnitFramesPlus11-20-13
OMG i love this addon. Please someo...
Posted By: reehay
OMG i love this addon. Please someone keep this up to date :o Also, I cant seem to move the frames past that invisible barrier Blizzard put at the top of the game window. Ive used the default unlock and move function as well as Moveanything and unlike other frames, i cant seem to get past that barrier. I really want my frames abso...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames11-20-13
Love the design of these frames......
Posted By: reehay
Love the design of these frames... my only wish would be to swap the portrait picture with a Class Icon picture. Possible?
File: CleaveTV's Custom Unit Frames11-19-13
love this addon.. simple and elegan...
Posted By: reehay
love this addon.. simple and elegant. The added repair and sell feature is nice too. But is there any way we could have a simple configuration window to toggle colors, etc. For some reason the mana bar is so dark blue its almost black on my screen. Also, I'd love to enlarge the faction indicators. Ive looked at the .lua file and i...
File: MoveAnything09-04-11
battlegrounds flag frame and timer
Posted By: reehay
trying to move the "Flag Capture" frame and "Time Remaining" frame.. had luck moving the Horde Flag Capture frame but not the Alliance. and i cant seem to move the Time Remaining frame at all.. any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
File: MoveAnything12-16-09
Party Frames wont stay hidden
Posted By: reehay
I use Moveanything primarily to Hide certain UI elements - most importantly, the default party frames. I use Grid instead. This version of Moveanything hides the Party Frames but for unknown reasons they suddenly reappear. i'm pretty sure that certain "vehicle" fights causes this, and it seems almost always during a combat situation...
File: Producer08-07-09
plzzz update
Posted By: reehay
this is my favorite tradeskill addon... you... must... update... it !!! please dont make me threaten you or even worse - beg!!!! hehe thanks for your work
File: Grid06-10-09
Grid and Prayer of Healing
Posted By: reehay
very happy with grid + clique + gridcustomlayouts. if any Grid users havent tried Warbaby's GridCustomLayouts, i urge you to try it. takes a bit of fiddling with but its works wonders if youre not happy with the limited layout options that come with Grid alone. http://www.wowace.com/projects/gridcustomlayouts/ But im here to post...