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File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar05-23-07
position of the castbar
Posted By: Mavtoo
hm maybe i didn't found the option yet but is it possible to reposition the castbar itself??? i was able to reposition the mirrorbar, focus, target and some other stuff but not the castbar itself.
File: GuildBook03-26-07
Re: Re: german translation
Posted By: Mavtoo
Originally posted by JoshBorke thanks :) No Problem and thank you for calling my name but i have one request, If you do it please write Mavtoo instead of Mavloo *g* :p If I find enough Time i will see what i can do with the Addon Help. Oh and i tested my translation and as expected it worked.
File: GuildBook03-24-07
german translation
Posted By: Mavtoo
if( GetLocale() == "deDE" ) then if (not GuildBook) then GuildBook = {} end GuildBook.Buttons = { = {"neue Seite","Erstelle einen neuen Beitrag unter diesem hier."}, = {"L\195\182sche Seite","L\195\182scht diesen Beitrag permanent. Halte die Shift Taste gedr\195\188ckt um ihn ohne Best\195\164tigung zu l\195\182schen."},...
File: ShackleWatch03-05-07
the german localisation (localisati...
Posted By: Mavtoo
the german localisation (localisation_de.lua) should look like this: if( GetLocale() == "deDE" ) then SHACKLEWATCH_SPELL = "Untote fesseln" SHACKLEWATCH_TEXT_LOADED = "ShackleWatch " .. SHACKLEWATCH_VERSION .. " geladen - /shacklewatch" SHACKLEWATCH_TEXT_WORLD_NOT_LOADED = "ShackleWatch: Welt noch nicht geladen, bitte warte...