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File: Bongos305-07-08
Re: Re: missing zone bar
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Originally posted by Tuller Bongos2 and 3 are completely independent of each other, so there should be no issue when transitioning between them. I'm still at a loss as to why your issue is happening. Does it occur without bongos enabled? I just downloaded the newest version (I had been using the gamma before),made a new...
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Originally posted by Tuller That...
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Originally posted by Tuller That is indeed strange. What addons are you running? Sorry for the late reply, been busy. First, I should point out that I still have Bongos 2 in my addons folder, I simply don't load the addon when I load. That being said, I think the settings may have been messed up on the transition, beca...
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I'm having trouble setting up manua...
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I'm having trouble setting up manual paging for my main bar. If i setup a bar with more than 3 pages, I can access them fine via keybinds eg CTRL 1-3. However, when i use the "scroll to next/previous page command", it lags when I scroll and often i have to scroll multiple times for the bar to change pages. This occurs whether i...
File: MetaHud12-16-06
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First of all, great mod. The most features of any HUD mod to date. One question/suggestion though. How would I be able to click on bars to be able to target people? I would like this mod to completely take over self/target/tot from a unitframes mod. Thanks