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File: PallyPower11-11-07
Originally posted by Aznamir That...
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Originally posted by Aznamir That's the change implemented in 2.2 Patch by Blizzard. Melee pets (no mana) belong to the warrior class, Caster pets (with mana) belong to Warlock class. Make sure that you don't have a paladin with different spells on Warriors and Pets as well as on Warlocks and pets. Use lesser blessings on pets oth...
File: PallyPower11-09-07
Originally posted by Aznamir Pet...
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Originally posted by Aznamir Pet buffing was available for last 8(?) months. Is pet buffing available as its own class? Several pallys in my guild use this and they say that PallyPower puts the hunter pets in with the Warriors. Which usually ends up with pets getting Blessing of Light. :confused:
File: Bagnon09-30-07
Missing properties w/Banknon
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Items with random properties (such as resist items) are showing 0 stats when viewed through Banknon. It appears that Banknon is dropping the last number sequence of the item ID and replacing it with 0 (it's not a random number) Example: Wrathfin Waistband of Nature Protection When viewed with the bank open, item id is 24838:0...
File: SCT - Damage09-10-07
Outgoing Damage Filter
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Would it be possible to make the Outgoing Damage Filter of SCTD work for pet damage as well? As a hunter I like seeing my pets damage, but dropping a snake trap makes a huge mess of numbers on the screen since their damage is counted as pet damage. Roflzor: Check the "Show at Nameplates" option of SCTD under the Display Optio...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced05-25-07
Re: Re: Reproducable Error
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Originally posted by Daviesh It is reproducable for you as your WoW is not reading in DefaultFrame\Dewdropdown.lua for some reason. The easiest option to try and fix this is to delete AtlasLoot, log into the game without it installed, log out, the re-install. It should reset WoW's idea of which files it needs to read. I will...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced05-24-07
Reproducable Error
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This seems to be fairly consistent (ie reproducable). I get the following error if I have the Atlasloot window open when I join a party/raid: AtlasLoot-AtlasLoot Enhanced v3.00.03\DefaultFrame\AtlaslootDefaultFrame.lua:218: bad argument #1 to 'ipairs' (table expected, got nil) I am using the 3.00.03 version -it also occured w...