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File: FixehTip09-11-14
Re: suggestions
Posted By: Fixeh
Hi, is there any chance of adding class color borders to the config? Also an option to hide tips in combat while using shift as a modifier to show/unhide. Tiptac does this, but after using this I don't have the need for a full-blown tooltip replacement. Great work, btw. Added both. I'll upload it when 6.0 is released.
File: FixehTip01-28-14
Edit for 2.7.1: Custom font inst...
Posted By: Fixeh
Edit for 2.7.1: Custom font instructions: 1) Open FixehTip.lua with WordPad or your editor of choice 2) Change this line: local font = "Fonts\\FRIZQT__.ttf"
File: FixehTip05-29-13
Re: Position of tooltip.
Posted By: Fixeh
Hi, Thanks for a simple add-on. I am after what you offer plus one more small thing. I would prefer the tool tip to be anchored at bottom right of screen and not at the mouse. For some reason I get a head ache from it being on mouse and not anchored. If it is something you don't want to add as it is a simple add-on I understan...