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File: DagAssist04-29-09
Originally posted by Lichbane Doe...
Posted By: Noyl
Originally posted by Lichbane Does this addon use LDB yet? I'd love to use it but would also like to keep my minimap as clean as possible, keeping everything on Docking Station. I have to say, it looks vey cool and will help enormously cleaning some of the other bars off my screen. :) Originally posted by Spectro I would...
File: TomTom04-14-09
Please Host at Curse
Posted By: Noyl
Great addon! Thank you very much. I was just hoping you could host at Curse. (instead or also. lol) Thanks again!
File: X-Perl UnitFrames04-18-08
Blizzard main tank assignments
Posted By: Noyl
Are there any plans to include the ability to use the blizzard main tank assignments through the MT Targets module? The GetPartyAssignment or GetRaidRosterInfo functions should return the needed vaules. Thanks
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-03-08
Posted By: Noyl
First, let me just say thanks for a great addon! I would like to make one small request though, that is to add support for the playertargets in oRA2. I honestly dont know how hard this would be. Regradless, this is a great addon and again thanks for all the time you've put into it.
File: LightHeaded06-09-07
Originally posted by Cladhaire...
Posted By: Noyl
Originally posted by Cladhaire Kemayo has released an update which resolves this issue. Thanks for the info and the really quick reply!
File: LightHeaded06-09-07
Originally posted by Cladhaire It...
Posted By: Noyl
Originally posted by Cladhaire It works with the default quest log, EQL, QuestsFu, DoubleWide and Uberquest support is coming. You'll need to use an addon that supports LH. Why don't you try it? The new version no longer works with QuestFu
File: Outfitter06-07-07
Re: Re: Outfitter Updated
Posted By: Noyl
Outfitter has been picked up over at curse gaming http://wow-en.curse-gaming.com/downloads/details/7446/
File: EnchantingSeller05-22-07
KC_items & ES
Posted By: Noyl
I'm using ES v20100.1 and KC_items r26541 ES is not pulling auction data from kc_items. When I debug I get the following auctioneerLoaded? false auctionMatrixLoaded? false kcItemsLoaded? true wowEconLoaded? false useAuctionAddon? true using kc items item code is 10938!0 kc min is nil auctioneerLoaded? false auctionMatr...
File: FuBar - MicroMenuFu01-21-07
Blocked from Action
Posted By: Noyl
When I click the Main Menu button I get the "..has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. ..." message. Clicking 'Ignore' allows for continued operation without any issues. It is possible this error is being caused by and out-of-date lib from another add-on? If so, what lib(s) should I be looking for? Thanks
File: Fizzwidget Disenchant Predictor12-14-06
Originally posted by laughingdog...
Posted By: Noyl
Originally posted by laughingdog On further investigation, any empty slot causes that same error to occur. I am getting the same error, but only with empty slots in my bank
File: FubBar - SkillsPlusFuLt12-10-06
Still making a reference to BabbleS...
Posted By: Noyl
Still making a reference to BabbleSpell-2.0 in SkillsPlusFu.lua change the reference to BabbleSpell-2.2 to fix (Line 9 I beleive)
File: FuBar - QuestsFu12-10-06
Originally posted by doxxx Just i...
Posted By: Noyl
Originally posted by doxxx Just installed latest version. I now get an error on login which says that it couldn't register AceEvent-2.0 because it already exists in the global namespace as _G. When I revert back to the previous version of QuestsFu, the error goes away. I am getting the same Error
File: Fubar_ExitFu12-08-06
WoW 2.0
Posted By: Noyl
Just update the toc to get this to work in WoW 2.0
File: FuBar - QuestsFu12-05-06
Error on Load
Posted By: Noyl
I'm getting the following persistent error; Quixote-1.0.lua:206:bad argument #1 to 'insert' (table expected, got nil) The error immediately returns when I click ok. I still get this error when QuestFu is the only Fubar addon enabled
File: FuBar - GarbageFu11-03-06
Posted By: Noyl
@wmrojer: That code works great with bagnon and without, thanks a lot!! I apologize for being ambiguous about "not working." What was happening was that when I double-clicked on GarbageFu in the bar I would hear the bag opening sound, but my bag(s) did not open. I have a small feature request also. (I know. I'm a pain in the bu...
File: FuBar - GarbageFu10-23-06
GarbageFu and Bagnon
Posted By: Noyl
Ran into a problem with the double-click to open feature in GarbageFu not working when using the Bagnon plugnin. To fix this I replace the following code in GarabageFu; if not ContainerFrame1:IsShown() then ToggleBackpack() for i = 1, 4 do if not self.vars.bags.ignore and self.vars.bags.numSlots > 0 then if not get...